swed 11:36 09 Dec 2006

Can anyone help please, the signal strengh on my laptop is very low when trying to connect to the internet with my wireless laptop.
I have been connected but keep getting disconnected, is there anything i can but to boost my signal reception., many thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 11:43 09 Dec 2006

There could be a few reasons for this.

First off, go as close to the router as you can and see if the connection gets better. Or connect up when next to the router.

If no good, then it is likely to be a software issue. You may need new drivers.

Post back and someone may be able to offer some more help.

  swed 11:48 09 Dec 2006

Many thanks for your reply, I have tried this and it works ok, because of work access, its just the distance i am from the router, is there something i can attach to my laptop to give me a better reception

  Kate B 12:58 09 Dec 2006

Try changing the channel. Most wireless equipment defaults to channel 11 and if you're in a built-up area, that channel can get very busy.

  swed 13:11 09 Dec 2006

sorry, you have lost me on the channel bit, all i did was look for a network and connected to it,

  Jimmy14 13:44 09 Dec 2006

what make and model is the router

  ed-0 14:27 09 Dec 2006

"you have lost me on the channel bit, all i did was look for a network and connected to it,"

Is this a works setup?

To change a channel, you must have authority to enter the routers configuration setup.

If this is a works router, then it maybe worth asking those who look after the IT side of things, also you will probably find that you need specific passwords or codes to get into the setup.

Also, if it is a works router or another router. Have you got permission to use the network, did you not have to input a code to enter the network?

As far as signal strength goes for a laptop

you could change the router to a three ariel pre-n one for a better range of signal.


put in a repeater to boost the signa along


If the laptop has a built in WiFi chip to connect to the network, you could use a pre-n dongle that may get a better signal or the same in a PCMCIA cardbus type of connection.

  swed 14:31 09 Dec 2006

sorry, i have no idea, what it is, I have just started working in sweden, for the first two days i just switched my laptop, on managed to pick up a signal, but as the weather has got worse the signal is so weak i cant connect,it just says sinal very low, all im doing is latching on to someones broadband,dont know who's it is. excuse my ignorance on all this, a bit of a beginner

  Diodorus Siculus 17:41 09 Dec 2006

"all im doing is latching on to someones broadband"

That's illegal in the UK so be careful doing it in Sweeden...

  ed-0 18:04 09 Dec 2006

Sorry but you should not be using it.

As Diodorus Siculus said, it is illegal here and probably also in Sweden.

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