Wireless LAN Missing

  Ken H Lamb 14:02 01 May 2005

Can anyone tell me how to reinstall the wireless LAN connection on my Advent 7037 laptop computer? Or where I can get the driver from. It does not appear in the list in device manager, I have tried to install it using Windows XP, Add Hardware but it car'nt find it. I ony got a restore disk from PC World when I bought it last year and I have installed quite a number of software programs on the laptop, I don't want to have to reinstall them.

Is it possible to set up a network between my laptop and desktop computers using only Bluetooth USB devices? Thanks for your help.


  spikeychris 15:29 01 May 2005

Have you tried system restore? If so you will need to be a bit more descriptive - are you using a PCMCIA card etc.

  Ken H Lamb 15:37 01 May 2005

I tried system restore when I realised it was missing but this did not resolved the problem. It's only recently that I have thought of setting up a Wi-Fi network. The wireless LAN is inbuilt into the laptop and not a PCMCIA ad-in card. Thanks for your response.


  spikeychris 15:43 01 May 2005

Has the machine actually been on a network yet?

  Ken H Lamb 15:57 01 May 2005

No I have not set up a network as yet but I am seriously thinking of setting up a Wi-Fi network and since my Advent laptop is supposed to have a Wi-Fi facility I was going to buy an access/router and either a USB of PCI adaptor for my desktop.


  woodchip 16:04 01 May 2005

If it is a Card that goes in card slot like mine then you should have got software CD with the card

  Brian-336451 16:06 01 May 2005

I've had a similar problem before on two different laptops.

Make sure that the wireless is switched ON, on some laptops there is a hot-wired switch and in others there's a combination of key strokes (on this laptop its Fn F2 and that turns the wireless adaptor ON/OFF.

On my wife's laptop there is one of four buttons together that toggles Wireless (the other buttons are generally email, browser, and possibly a programmable button or power config or inhibit the track pad etc).

If you have a drivers CD that came with the laptop, you'll often find the relevant drivers on there (helpfully on my cd the wireless drivers are stored under the title Intel Calexico - obvious huh?).

Let us know how you go on - you can't do ANYTHING unless the wireless is on.

  woodchip 16:07 01 May 2005

Is the Wireless built in Please explain

  woodchip 16:08 01 May 2005

And Is the Lan turned on in BIOS

  Ken H Lamb 19:30 01 May 2005

Hi Chris & Woodchip

I have tried a number of your suggestions, key strokes etc, example Fn and F2 puts the laptop into sleep mode. When I say Wireless Lan is built in its part of the system it could, for all I know be a chip on the motherboard there is certainly no additional cards PCMCIA etc I have checked in the BIOS and wireless function is enabled but has I say it does not appear in device manager list it used to when I first bought the laptop. I mentioned it to PC World when it went in for it's Health Check they told me that was not part of the check they have been as helpful as the snowball in hell. Thanks for your help Guys.


  woodchip 19:56 01 May 2005

Then first you have to Enable Lan in BIOS. So watch the screen when computer starting up. You should see

" Press xxx To Enter Setup" where xxx is the key you press. you then use the arrow key's to move up down, Enter key opens Page PgUp and PgDn will change things you have moved to but it's a combination of using these key to find LAN and change. You then press the Escape key to exit any page and go to Save and Exit. The drivers for LAN will load from XP or Motherboard CD

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