Wireless and LAN connection?

  ACOLYTE 13:16 02 Dec 2005

Can you run a wireless router off a LAN PC using the same conn?

I have 2 PC's connected at the minute mine the host and my sons upstairs,now my daughter wants on line with her PC witch is also upstairs,I'm not sure about setting up a LAN from a LAN connection,so thought if i got a wireless router i could connect all 3 off the same connection.But the router would have to go upstairs on my sons PC,is that possible as his is not the host PC with the connection.Or can i have 2 LAN connections running from my PC to there's.

  johnnyrocker 14:09 02 Dec 2005
  mgmcc 14:14 02 Dec 2005

If I understand correctly, at the moment you have your PC connected to the internet and have enabled "Internet Connection Sharing" so that your son has access provided your PC is online.

When you install a Router, you no longer use Windows "Internet Connection Sharing" and there is no "Host" PC. Instead the Router connects to the ISP and gets the IP address which the ISP allocates. Any computers that are connected to the Router, either "wired" or "wirelessly", get their internet access over the Local Area Network from the router and using LAN IP addresses allocated by the Router, normally in one of the 192.168.x.x ranges.

You probably, therefore, want to connect the PC nearest to the phone line to a Wireless Router by ethernet cable and install Wireless Network Adapters in the two "remote" PCs so they can connect wirelessly to the router. Each PC has independent access to the internet and an equal status in the network - there is no reliance on a "host" PC having to be runnong and online.

  woodchip 14:18 02 Dec 2005

If Using a Router for a Network you should First disable ICS before setting up the Router Network

  ACOLYTE 16:11 02 Dec 2005

My first thought what i wanted to do if it was possible is to have a wireless setup from my sons pc that is connected to mine via LAN so my daughter can use the connection he is sharing with me,would that work?

  mgmcc 20:59 02 Dec 2005

What you are suggesting is to "daisy-chain" two Internet Connection Sharing setups. I understand it is actually possible but extremely difficult to set up. The "host" PC always has the IP address and you have to trick Windows into believing that the first ICS PC still has this address when you've actually changed it so it can be used in the second ICS PC.

To connect your son's and daughter's PCs wirelessly means that they would both need to have a Wireless Network Adapter installed. Why then can you not connect your PC to a Wireless Router downstairs and let the two upstairs PCs connect wirelessly with the WiFi adapters which they will need anyway? I don't see why this, which is the correct way to set it up, is a less attractive solution than continuing to run Internet Connection Sharing from your PC aand then trying to do the "routing" between the two upstairs PCs.

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