wireless lan

  Mr "B" 19:30 14 Dec 2006

Somebody asked me today what it means when on the side of your box your new laptop came in when it says "Wireless LAN card".
Does this mean it is wireless enabled? I couldn't answer this question but told him i'd find out, Please can anyone answer this question for me.

  De Marcus™ 21:09 14 Dec 2006

In a word, yes.

  Mr "B" 21:24 14 Dec 2006

would this be without an adapter? A guy on the aol helpline claims he needs to plug in an adapter for him to go wireless cause he was having problems picking up the router.

  De Marcus™ 21:35 14 Dec 2006

It's highly likely it's without an adapter or more commonly known as built in or onboard. There are very few laptops sold today without wireless lan built in.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by your second paragraph, if he was having problems were these related to a weak signal or no adaptor? Bear in mind that most laptops also come with a switch for turning your wireless lan on and off, this can sometimes be a physical switch, a keyboard button or software switch.

  De Marcus™ 21:37 14 Dec 2006

I should have rephrased my first sentence, in the majority of cases wireless lan or wifi isn't actually built in or hardwired, in laptops they come in the form a mini pci wireless card. On the other hand, they are rarely accessible so to all intents and purposes they're built in.

Hope that makes sense.

  Mr "B" 21:43 14 Dec 2006

it was a weak signal which said little or no coverage, as for the button to go wireless it does not have one cause i looked myself, when you say a keyboard switch do you actually on the keyboard which i'm using to type this reply?
I have a wireless laptop myself which i have no problems at all and i have a WLAN button and i set up the connection myself with no probs but i'm trying help my brother with his and can't seem to get it. I lent him an old netgear adapter to go in the USB for him to go wireless, but are you saying he shouldn't need this? This laptop is a couple of months old and was approx 375 quid.

  De Marcus™ 21:50 14 Dec 2006

Mr "B", what would really help is if you gave the make and model.

When I mentioned the keyboard, I was referring to a method used by some manufacturers to enable and disable the wireless adaptor, this is usually a combination of the Fn Key and another (usually marked with a wireless symbol).

From what I can gather the laptop has a built in adaptor as you mentioned it had a 'weak signal' before you refer to giving your brother a USB alternative. If that's the case then you should try a few things first, is the signal just as weak when sat right next to the router? Is the signal weak only when in another room, what kind of wall is it? Are they're any irregular constructional angles between the laptop and router? There are more bases to cover but best to get the simple one's out the way first.

  Mr "B" 21:56 14 Dec 2006

Thanks for taking time in replying De Marcus you've answered my original question i sort of thought it was wireless. We'll go back to the beggining and get another connection and go from there, cheers.

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