Wireless keyboard range.

  Tom Steele 10:04 22 Jul 2009

Hi All,

I have just got a media PC, and am using a wireless keyboard and mouse with it. The mouse has a range of 90 metres, so no problem there, but the keyboards range is much less, and even at three metres won't operate, until I move it back a foot.

Is there a way that I can increase the range, or can I buy a keyboard with a greater range.

Many thanks, in adance for any assistance.

  Andsome 10:07 22 Jul 2009

I can't help wondering why on earth you would need to operate a keyboard so far away from the monitor screen that you probably won't be able to see what is on there. I would imagine that most of the manufacturers have designed key boards and mice to operate in front of the monitor, and not from the other side of the room.

  Stuartli 10:28 22 Jul 2009

I'm sure that's a highly valuable feature...:-)

A football pitch is not much longer than that...

  Tom Steele 11:13 22 Jul 2009

Hi again,

Although any response is welcome, providing that it is constructive, perhaps finding the full facts may prevent red faces.

The Monitor I am using is a 50 inch LCD TV. I am using this size for comfort, and that at 70 years old and quite severely handicapped, (in short a' grey haired knacckered old shit', I find this much easier. So with your kind permission I will continue in my endeavours to increase the range of my keyboard.

  oldbeefer2 11:52 22 Jul 2009

Sorry, but if you are that age, how on earth will you see the screen from a range of 90 metres (and why would you want to)?

  Taff™ 13:53 22 Jul 2009

I`ve come across this problem before Tom and some of these multimedia keyboards are just not up to the task in terms of range. For example, a friend of mine wanted to link his laptop to the TV so that he and his wife could surf the net together planning their holidays and the like from their sofa which is only 3 metres away. As you say the first keyboard I tried failed to work at anything above 2 metres.

We eventually found a good quality one from Staples which cost about £35 but it does the job. (Sorry can`t remember the manufacturer but the boxed instructions clearly stated the distance that it would work to)

I suggest you ask someone to take you down to PC World or Staples and specifically ask for one that will work at this distance. You can then "feel" the keyboard and mouse to ensure they are comfortable in use.

  Tom Steele 08:49 23 Jul 2009

Hi Taff,
Thank you for your help, it seems that the only sensible option is to do what you suggest.

To those others, who feel that sarcasm is the best policy, I should like to mention, that merely because a device has a range of 90metres, it is not compulsery to use the full range. Personaly, I only intend to use it at 3 metres.

KInd regards to all.


  compumac 09:03 23 Jul 2009

With respect I do not think that sarcasm was intended but merely querying the distance anyone would want to operate a keyboard from.

  Stuartli 09:42 23 Jul 2009

You are not very much older than me...:-)

I wasn't being sarcastic, only jovial. Hence the Smiley, especially with the references to feet and metres...:-)

I'm surprised that shortening the distance by just a foot from three yards or so should dramatically change the situation.

I would have thought the lack of response would tail off gradually.

Make sure that the mouse's transmitter is within clear sight of the mouse.

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