Wireless Keyboard Problems

  blocker11 22:31 05 Nov 2012

My wireless keyboard is currently typing on it's own. I use a password to log in which has become impossible since the keyboard types in random things and the keys i type aren't working.

I've had to plug in a wired keyboard which corrects the issue. I've run th AV and Superantispyware which has not identified any problems..

It's a Microsoft Opitical 200 Mouse/Keyboard.

Any ideas?


p.s the mouse works fine.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:51 05 Nov 2012

Flat batteries - change batteries

dust / crumbs / debris stuck in keys - clean keyboard

damaged cable from keyboard to usb port. - renew keyboard

  blocker11 22:57 05 Nov 2012

Batterys new.

Keyboard Clean.

Tried a 2nd keyboard (same model) and they are both doing the same.

  woodchip 23:11 05 Nov 2012

Try USB receiver in a different USB socket

  blocker11 08:58 06 Nov 2012

I've tried the receiver in a different port and i've also tried a different receiver.

I've noticed i've got "Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center" installed on my machine which i don't remember seeing before, is this a geniune piece of Microsoft Software?

p.s the model is Microsoft Optical 2000 (not 200 as above).


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:55 06 Nov 2012

Optical 2000 (not 200 as above)

thats why I got confused between wireless and wired :0)

in device manager make sure show hidden devices is ticked - Uninstall all instances of the keyboard drivers reboot let windows find and reinstall the keyboard drivers (HID)

  blocker11 18:37 06 Nov 2012


I've reinstalled the drivers - no good.

I've restored to a previous date - no good.

If the wireless keyboard is plugged in during boot up it's either loading the Bios Setup or boot setup screens.

If i plug the keyboard in after boot up it randomly opens webpages/calculator etc.

I'm still very confused!!

  spiderlegz 09:14 08 Nov 2012

I have fixed this problem in the past by resynchronizing the keyboard & mouse to the receiver. I'm presuming that your keyboard & mouse are within 5m range of the receiver? You may need to click start & then onto Devices & Printers to select your keyboard & mouse (by right clicking & then selecting 'remove device'. You said that your batteries are fully charged but I have noticed that lower mAh batteries are a bad choice for modern devices. Your batteries might be 800mAh but you will definitely benefit from using 2000 or 2450 mAh rechargeable batteries. Your batteries may also be old? Out of interest, have you tried the batteries from the working mouse? Is the RF receiver close to another electrical device? Maybe a power source or radio/tv aerial? As this can cause interference to your RF receiver. Is there another local keyboard & mouse that is being used by someone else, which could be interfering with your setup? Wireless landline phone can also cause issues if the receiver base is too close etc. A few things there for you to check & try.

  blocker11 12:29 08 Nov 2012

I've removed the device several times and reinstalled the drivers.

The batteries are standard Duracell batteries which i've had no problems with in the past. Likewise the receiver is near (within 7m) of a TV and plug sockets....but again this isn't something new and the keyboard has worked fine over the last 3-4 years.

I think maybe it has just broken and needs replacing. I just hope it doesn't happen with any new device i buy.

  spiderlegz 21:21 08 Nov 2012

Yes I think it could well have come to the end of it's life & maybe time to purchase a new one. You might want to consider a bluetooth keyboard & mouse this time around? They function a whole lot better than the RF types & have a much better lifespan, speaking from personal experience.

  blocker11 08:49 09 Nov 2012

I purchased a Microsoft wired Keyboard yesterday, and so far i've had no issues.

I'm going to bring the problematic keyboard into work to see if the problem pesist.

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