Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Guide/Reviews?

  Air_Man 09:41 12 Jun 2005

I would like to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse, but am not overly familiar with the type of wireless connection, usage restrictions (line of sight etc), battery life etc. I am also not sure what to look for features/benefits wise - I mainly want to lose 2 cables from my desktop!

Can anyone point me in the direction of useful info on the web?


  wint 09:56 12 Jun 2005

It's not the cheapest I know (48.04 from Dabs) click here I got the set with my new Evesham PC in December. Not had to change batteries yet, must be wearing out by now though! Just like using a wired keyboard and mouse, there's no delay. Unlike some other makes which I have tried, you don't have to "wake them up" by moving the mouse or hitting a key.

They seem to work anywhere in the same room (I do have a very small study!) so if you can see the screen, it should work.

Hope this helps.

  Air_Man 10:22 12 Jun 2005

Thanks Wint.

I'll have a look around local shops for this as I want to feel the keys first, but it's as good a place as any to start.

Anyone else with cordless experiences?

  The Regster 12:18 12 Jun 2005

Try here for some other ideas.

click here

  Air_Man 20:15 14 Jun 2005

Thx all,

I plumped for a Typhoon Cordless Navigator Deluxe, which uses RF rather than IR - keeps the receiver off the desktop. It came with the 4 AA batteries re

  Air_Man 20:17 14 Jun 2005

... sorry, I continue... required (2 for mouse 2 for kb) and they were Duracell too! I have only had it a few days but it is a goodsend. The kb itself is a "navigator" style (funny that!) but is very nice to type on, and the mouse is as responsive as any I have tried.

I would recommend it ATM but lets see how long the batteries last...

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