Wireless Keyboard and Mouse ARGH!!!

  User-A9A90269-9442-4E72-841B36635E4BF37A 00:14 04 Jun 2006

Hi guys, i moved my pc from downstairs to upstairs, so i had to unplug all the stuff out the back, naturally took out the connections for my wireless keyboard and mouse, plugged everything back in upstairs turned it on and once in windows, it redected my wireless keyboard and mouse, but i cant move the cursor or type anything into windows as i need to install it, but i cant do that without a keyboard or mouse!

argh, please help me, i hope i have made it clear enough, how do i get my mouse and keyboard back up and running on a computer where i need to reinstall the software for the mouse and keyboard?????
Its a logitech one, and no i dont have a spare wired keyboard or mouse at home

Thanks guys.

  phono 00:43 04 Jun 2006

How are they connected? PS2 or USB? If PS2 have you plugged each device into the correct socket? Green for mouse and "dark pink" for keyboard.

connected via usb as this is where the receiver plugs in, plus they have batteries in

  phono 00:50 04 Jun 2006

Have you tried re-installing the drivers/software? You may have to start in safe mode to do so.

i cant reinstall any drivers or software as it doesnt register the mouse n keyboard, even in safe mode

  €dstowe 06:22 04 Jun 2006

Is it plugged into the same USB socket as it was before? I know this shouldn't matter but it may be important.

  rsinbad 07:50 04 Jun 2006

Have you reactivated the mouse and keyboard ie there is a small hole usually on the rear of both keyboard and mouse, pressing the reset button on the receiver and the small hole on mouse and keyboard will enable reciever to reconise them and should work.


yeah i tried all the reconnect stuff, and the connect buttons on the bottom of the mouse but it doesnt work, tried different usb ports and the same one, doesnt work.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 17:23 04 Jun 2006

Could try unplugging it all reboot computer and then plug it all in again and see what happens. If nothing then a wired mouse may be required to sort it.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 17:26 04 Jun 2006

Forgot to say take the batteries out and start like it was a new setup.

  rsinbad 19:59 04 Jun 2006

Then your only option is to use a wired mouse/keyboard

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