wireless keyboard frequency query

  chugby 21:01 29 Mar 2007

currently have two computers in same room.
One computer has a Microsoft Wireless Multimedia keyboard 1.0a. The other standard keyboard I want to update to wireless also.

Thinking of click here or click here

Looks like most keyboards operate off 27mhz, assuming there would be interference between the two wireless keyboards, how do I get around this?

Also thinking about wireless modem in the future, so could this also be a problem? both computers run XP2. Any help appreciated. thanks

  ArrGee 22:16 29 Mar 2007

"Adaptive power topology control (APTC) is a local algorithm for constructing a one-parameter family of ?-graphs, where each node increases power until it has a neighbour in every ? sector around it.We

It is possible to use such a local geometric ?-constraint to ensure full network connectivity, and consider tradeoffs between assumptions about the wireless footprint and constraints on the boundary nodes. In particular, if the boundary nodes can communicate with neighboring boundary nodes and all interior nodes satisfy a ?I p constraint, there is guaranteed connectivity for any arbitrary wireless footprint. If we relax the boundary assumption and instead impose a ?B < 3p/2 constraint on the boundary nodes, together with the ?I < p constraint on interior nodes, we can guarantee full network connectivity using only a "weak-monotonicity" footprint assumption.

The weak-monotonicity model, is much less restrictive than the disk model of coverage and captures aspects of the spatial correlations inherent in signal propagation and noise. It is shown that under the idealized disk model of coverage, APTC constructs graphs that are sparse. Finally, it is shown that if the wireless footprint has sufficiently small "eccentricity", then there is some ? for which greedy geometric routing always succeeds."

Apart from this, you should have no problem what-so-ever as the keyboards and the base unit use their own individual encryption levels which make no difference to the mhz.

There are plenty of call-centres that I have set up wirelessly for basic keyboard-base unit interface with hundreds of people in a room, and no problem at all.

You should also experience no problem with any inteference with your wireless network.

However, for security purposes, I would suggest looking at articles such as this:

click here

And Google anything under 'wireless security'.

  chugby 20:18 30 Mar 2007

thanks for info, very helpful. regards

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