Wireless issues with BT

  GBL 20:48 10 Jun 2011

I am currently having wireless isssues with BT infinity, my lap top and mobile fail to connect yet there are no problems being hard wired.

  SB23 21:00 10 Jun 2011

I've just had my father in law on the phone with the same problem again.

This happens every few weeks, and it drives him nuts. Last time I went to his house I was browsing within minutes, but BT blame his laptop every time, which I know is not the case. He's ringing the helpline again, so I expect I'll be driving over there on Sunday, lol!

  woodchip 21:16 10 Jun 2011

If he uses a Laptop and just shuts the lid it may not Wake up the Wireless connection when he opens the lid and restarts, I used to have one like that

PS also if it disconnects while you are using the Laptop it could be that you are using it on Battery and power settings in Device Manager for wireless are set to shut down after it not used for a bit. I also had that problem

  chub_tor 21:30 10 Jun 2011

BT Infinity is the new high speed broadband and usuallyh comes with an N router. Is it possible that your laptop and mobile are having problems connecting at this speed? You might want to check their wireless speed to see if it is a/g and then change the setting of the BT HomeHub to connect at their speed and not a higher one.

  GBL 21:43 10 Jun 2011

I should have said that it is an intermittent fault, sometimes if I reset the wireless on the Router ir works.Yes it is the N router but I had no problem before I upgraded to Infinity.Three different laptops have the same problem.

  chub_tor 22:20 10 Jun 2011

Look here and here these may or may not relate to you as they are for the HomeHub 2. I have the HH3 but not with infinity sad to say and have had no problem connecting with a wide variety of devices.

  ams4127 23:09 10 Jun 2011

I've just cured a similar fault on my desktop by updating the wireless adaptor drivers.

  GBL 08:17 11 Jun 2011

Thanks to all, some food for thought in your replies.It is an intermitent problem, the laptop states, Conected, but there is no internet. All is OK when hard wired through a home plug adapter so it must be the signal or drivers. Again it was fine before Infinity and it is the same BT homehub, as it is the latest one.

I haven't rang BT as I have more faith with this forum.

  mooly 08:43 11 Jun 2011

Can't really offer any real advice on this, just some thoughts...

I have the BT HomeHub (V2) and over the last couple of weeks have been caught out with the connection dropping. I'm connected wirelessly and lose internet connectivity (the globe dissapears from the icon) but am still connected OK to the HH. Even a reset of the HH, or removing power and rebooting the HH fails to bring the connection back. The lights on the HH show no problem and that broadband is "connected". This on one occasion lasted 20 minutes and then the connectivity came back on its own.

I can only conclude it was/is in this case something BT have been doing. The times this happened have always been through the day, usually early afternoon. For the last few days this hasn't happened at all. Speedtests using speedtest.net appear to have shown a slight increase in speeds recently, now approaching 17mbs consistently.

If you are connected OK to HH I can't really see how it can be a driver issue... yet you say you can connect direct and it works.

Maybe you could ask on the dedicated BT forum...

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