Wireless Issues

  Rajib 21:05 25 Mar 2007

Hi Everyone I have two questions about wireless networking.

1) How do I know if my PC, which is fairly recent, has wireless capabilities or not?

2) If it does not, I know I need an adapter, but does anyone know how I should install this? How do I open my computer up and exaclty where do I slot it in?

Thanks in advance for your help with these queries.


  Ashrich 21:51 25 Mar 2007

If you have a desktop PC then it is likely that it doesn't have wireless capabilities , but this is easily remedied . Although you can buy PCI wireless cards they don't seem to work that well because they are stuck in the back of the PC and the signal in and out is a bit restricted , a better bet is to get a USB 2.0 one , they don't cost much and when used with the extension cable they usually come with can be better placed to send and receive to and from your wireless router . With Windows XP you install the drivers and utilities first then plug in the USB adapter and Windows will find the drivers for it . Any problems with any of the installation you can always come back here for more advice !


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