wireless internet...newbie nedding help

  more1234 15:08 16 Aug 2006

hi, i am new here so if this is wrong please tell me.....i need help with wireless internet....we have bought a laptop and want to go wireless through our pc...but don't really know where to start...we were 1st told that we needed to download window xp service pack 2 but our computer is only 2 yrs old, so we didn't know if this was true...we have the wireless router connected....sorry if it doesn't make sense!!

Any help is most apprieceted!! thanks

  Ikelos 15:11 16 Aug 2006

has the laptop got the wireless card installed?

  Ikelos 15:12 16 Aug 2006

is it a adsl wireless router?

  more1234 15:29 16 Aug 2006

its a dell inspiron 6400, it says that its got built in wireless, yeah we bought the bt adsl wireless router, its connected to the pc but when you go to control panel and network settings theres nothing about wireless so we clicked add new connection and went through the process of instructions but at the end it said it hadn't worked but it never asked any questions about the router

  ade.h 15:29 16 Aug 2006

"...wireless through our PC..."
If, by PC, you mean a desktop PC, are we talking about a peer-to-peer network here? No router?
More information is required I think.

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  ade.h 15:30 16 Aug 2006

Right, your simultaneous post has answered one main question.

However, your method for establishing a network seems off the mark. Can you start be telling me whether you have you configured the router yet?

  more1234 15:51 16 Aug 2006

ok....i am going to sound really stupid here but what does that mean??

  Ikelos 16:02 16 Aug 2006

the wireless router just plugs into the phone socket, load the cd that came with it, and the dell card will find it for you

  recap 16:11 16 Aug 2006

Make sure the laptops settings are set to Automatically Detect setting and not Dial-up.

To do this open Internet Explorer and select Internet Options. From here click the Connections tab, then the LAN settings button. In the next window click the "Automatically Detect" setting radio button, then OK twice.

  ade.h 16:21 16 Aug 2006

To clarify router config:

Unless you have a router that accepts wireless connections before it is configured - ie. a Voyager - you must connect the router to the client by Ethernet cable. One is often supplied; if it is not, then must source one.

Open a browser and enter the IP address of the router's default gateway into the address bar. This is normally 192.168.*.1 where * is variable by brand. From here, you set up a new internet connection, enable the wireless service and make a few other changes.

Obviously you will not be able to access the internet while doing this procedure as the router must have access to the ADSL line. If an ADSL modem is present and in use on another PC, the router will not be able to be configured.

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  more1234 16:51 16 Aug 2006

we have the bt voyager wireless 2110 adsl modem router connected to our computer at the moment...we just need to figure how to connect the laptop to the network to make it wireless

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