Wireless Internet, What do I need??

  gios100 12:11 01 Aug 2005

At the moment I have three pcs sharing a broadband conection. These are connected through a linskys router (wired)

The Linsky router is also wireless, what do I need to buy to change the system to wireless.

OS system is Xp Pro

And does wireless work ok.

Many thanks

  mgmcc 12:33 01 Aug 2005

You just need to install a Wireless Network Adapter (802.11g 54Mbps) in each PC.

For Desktops, either internal PCI or USB

For Laptops, either PCMCIA or USB

<<< And does wireless work ok >>>

Generally, yes, but a "wired" network will always be more reliable and, for file transfers, will be faster. The claimed speeds for WiFi connections are not realised in practice.

  Strawballs 12:49 01 Aug 2005

You can mix wired and wireless so if 1 of the PC's is near to the router you can peave it wired. I have my laptop and 1 of the desk tops wireless and have WPA encryption but I still do all of my banking on the wired 1.

  gios100 21:10 01 Aug 2005

Hi, Well that was easy enough.

In the bottom right hand corner there is an icon which tells me the speed of my connection.

This varies from about 5Mbps to 40 Mbps?

Is this normal? also it takes a while when booting up to find the router before it connects is this normal?

Other than that its fine, better than I thought it would be.


  Dipso 00:20 02 Aug 2005

Same for me, speed can fluctuate between 1Mbps and 54 Mbps. A firmware upgrade on my router and upgrading the drivers on my wireless card improved things.

It used to take a while to find the network until I installed the wireless cards own software instead of Windows own (may not be an option for you) which now picks up the wireless network much faster.

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