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  Seadog 12:59 06 Sep 2006

I run a wireless network (mostly just for internet connections) at home using a Belkin router connected to a cable modem. All our computers connect to this wirelessly, none are hard wired to the router.
I am on 4Mb broadband but whenever I do a speed test I rarely get a result of more than 1.3Mb/s from any computer, even if only one computer is switched on.
If, however I connect any computer directly to the cable modem (via USB or cat5) and do a speed test I get the full 4Mb/s and the difference in speed is very obvious with downloads.
What am I doing wrong? Or is it the router? Any help or advice would be appreciated. As you will appreciate I am paying for 4Mb but not getting it!!

  ade.h 15:57 06 Sep 2006

It should mke no difference. But rather than looking at your internet/WAN speed, test your LAN speed. You should be achieving between 20 and 30Mbits per sec.

click here

  Seadog 16:36 06 Sep 2006

Thanks for that ade.h I have downloaded that speed monitor but haven't sussed it out properly yet - what I don't understand is that you are saying I should have a speed of between 20 and 30 Mb/s - how can that be if my wireless card is only 11Mb/s (on this computer although the other computers are 54Mb/s) I am sure that the router is also only capable of 11Mb/s as well (it's old - like me!)
Also, what factors can influence LAN speed? And how can you maximise LAN speed?

  ade.h 16:54 06 Sep 2006

Your OP doesn't mention anything about 802.11b! I would naturally assume that it is 11g as 11b is a very old standard. Ratified 11n is almost here.

How can you maximise LAN speed? Within a particular standard, you cannot do very much to alter it. Obviously, position can be important, as can environmental factors such as surrounding structures, obstacles and interference. But apart from optmising what you have and where you have it, the only choice is to move to a better standard, which you would be very wise to do by early next year, I would say.

  Seadog 17:22 06 Sep 2006

Ahhhh..........right, I've just checked and it's only this computer that is running 802.11b, the others are 11g (54Mb/s?) and so is the router.
The wireless unit in this computer (Its a Shuttle Xpc - home built a couple of years ago) is a small internal USB unit, must try and see if I can upgrade it soon.
Thanks for the advice but this still doesn't really give me a solution for why the download speed is so poor on all the computers, signal is good to excellent with strength on all units around 90%.
Even if I put my laptop next to the router I still only get a download speed of 1.3Mb/s

  ade.h 17:52 06 Sep 2006

It's not possible to provide a magic solution to slow wireless data rates. You'll need to experiment.

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