Wireless Internet Help required....desperate!!!!

  tsanctuary 17:11 08 Jul 2005

Dear All,
Bit of a novice, so please excuse any silly questions or misunderstandings. I am having a problem accessing the internet using a cable modem (NTL) and a wireless router. Two PCs are currently set-up to use this connection using the same type of wireless LAN card (Ralink). They both used to work fine, both receiving IP addresses from the DHCP. But now, one of them, despite loads of input from 3 computer experts (2 professionals) simply will not connect to the internet. Initially this seemed to be a network problem. I was getting 'limited or no connectivity' error messages. Somehow (I have actually reinstalled windows XP in the process) this has been resolved and my computer now sees the network and has very good connectivity. However, despite the same physical address, wep key, SSID etc etc as the other computer, it simply will not connect to the internet. As it wasn't receiving an IP from the DHCP (the IP was being automatically asigned as 169.xxx.xx...) the IP, gateway etc have now been input manually and set to static. Still no luck! The IP on the router is, on the working computer it is and on mine it is
One of the technicians tried an alternative USB lan card which also did not work.
Since the reinstall, windows xp is also a lot slower and media player doesn't play files properly despite being rolled back to the previous version.
Could anyone come up with any sensible suggestions? I am pretty desperate. This has been going on for about 5 weeks. Has cost me too much and I can't even listen to any bloody music now!
Thanks for wading through all that

  Gordal 21:23 08 Jul 2005


Sorry you are having such problems. I suffered for ages last year for similar reasons, but I can't pretend to recall enough to offer anything which would help you.

Your query looked 'lonely' so thought I would at least let you know you have mine (and no doubt others) sympathy.

Hopefully a more knowledgeable'expert' will soon emerge. Good luck.

  mosfet 21:36 08 Jul 2005

I sort my own network ok,but no expert.I am on ntl cable..but it is dynamic not static,I would also disable the wap first until its working.

  jaymecarne 21:42 08 Jul 2005

I am also on a NTL Cable modem and use a Linksys router and if something unsettles the modem/router like a power cut I experience the same problems. NTL recommended turning everything off, then turning the cable modem on, and then the router once the modem has settled down. I also recommend ensuring the drivers, firmware and software for the router and network adpators are all the latest versions. Wireless networks do seem to be a pain too keep going - when it works its great but when something doesn't work and there are so many seperate bits of kit talking to one another its a nightmare to figure out which one is causing the problem.

  tsanctuary 19:58 09 Jul 2005

Thanks for your replies guys. I am away from my PC at the mo, but to be honest I have pretty much tried all those things at some point or another. I am thinking of possibly sticking all my files on a few CD roms and then starting afresh by formatting the hard-drive. Drastic, but maybe best.

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