wireless internet cutting out!

  janus72 23:11 25 Jan 2005

can anyone help? my wireless broadband connection keeps cutting out every few minutes.. any possible reasons... would be grateful..

  johnnyrocker 23:15 25 Jan 2005

to obtain any help you would need to post an awful lot more info, simple basics like equipment in use how configured your pc details ie os etc and you have half a chance of getting some help


  janus72 23:22 25 Jan 2005

I have Sony vaio A115Z laptop with m.soft xp... subscribe to wanadoo broadband and use an Ozenda 11g wireless adsl firewall router..
the system connects, then after a couple of minutes disconnects for no obvious reason. sometimes when it says not connected it is connected and vice versa..

  Chezdez 23:27 25 Jan 2005

USB or ethernet connected?

  janus72 23:31 25 Jan 2005

its wireless... but if i connected it wired it would be ethernet.. hope i'm not being a muppet!

  Chezdez 23:33 25 Jan 2005

sorry, haha, my bad, its too late, need sleep

*bangs head against wall*

  Chezdez 23:36 25 Jan 2005

try disabling the blue tooth on the laptop, that could be causing interference with the connection

*returns to banging head*

  janus72 23:52 25 Jan 2005

cheers for advice on how to use site.. first time..

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