Wireless internet connection

  adambucky 21:03 16 Apr 2012

I am experiencing a slow internet connection using my new desktop (Specs: i7 2600 Intel core , ram 8GB, 1TB Hardrive

In comparison to my currently overall much faster laptop (2.10ghz) Internet speeds using BBC connection speed test being as follows:

Laptop (built in wi-if)- 8334 kbps - when both desktop and laptop on and using internet Laptop (built in wi-fi)- 8374 kbps - when desktop off and only laptop connected to internet

Desktop - -448 kbps - when laptop on and using internet Desktop - 438 kbps - when laptop off and only desktop using internet

As an example it took me two hours on my desktop to download 221MB and with other downloads it was still as slow

I am using a TEXET wireless 802.11b/g/n USB adapter with advertised connection speed of 150 mbps and I use a BT wireless hub

I don't think it could be the hub as the desktop runs slow whether in competition with my laptop for internet connection or not
Also if it was the hub why would it always give such a fastest rate to the laptop when both are on.?

According to the Realtek 11n USB software which came with TEXET wireless adapter it shows signal strength 67% and link quality 99% - I would expect a faster connection if these are correct.

Anyone have any ideas how I might go about fixing this issue?


  mgmcc 22:23 16 Apr 2012

What speed do you get with the desktop when connected to the router by ethernet cable instead of "wirelessly" and is there a particular reason for wanting to use a wireless connection with a desktop PC? With wireless connections, the available bandwidth is shared by all connected devices, unlike ethernet connections where each will have the full 100Mbps (1000Mbps with Gigabit).

Go into the Network Connections folder ("Start > Run", type ncpa.cpl and click OK), double-click the Wireless Network Connection and see what speed it is connecting to the network at. This is the speed at which the adapter and router are communicating, not your internet speed.

  lotvic 00:43 17 Apr 2012

Firstly I apologise if I am being simplistic, but there is no way to know your level of experience with usb wireless adapters.

Are you sure that you are connecting to your own network? Are you able to log on to the homepage of your BT wireless hub from your desktop pc? I think that's for the BT homeHub

  Daveboy 22:50 17 Apr 2012

Good call Lotvic, its possible its connecting to "Openzone" as this is 500Kbps only.

  adambucky 19:34 20 Apr 2012

Thanks for everyones help turned out to be a faulty wireless adapter

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