Wireless internet being very erratic

  marbleblue 10:38 20 Oct 2006

My wireless internet connection via a NetGear router has become very erratic these past couple of days, to the point when the only time I can seem to get a connection on my bedroom computer is when the Other computer is running, and there is no connection at all when it is not.

If I try and use the repair function when I right-click on the icon on the toolbar, it seems to get stuck either 'Connecting to the wireless network' or 'Renewing the IP address' or something along those lines (I'll make a note of the exact details next time it happens)

Any ideas what's up, and what can be done to resolve it?

Thanks :)

  FreeCell 14:06 20 Oct 2006

What's the signal strenght like? Hold the mouse over the wireless network icon in system tray and should say "good" or "excellent".

Anything changed in the last few days? Sounds like you are not connecting to the netgear box very effectively. Could be your PC or the router. Are the lamps on the router indicating that the wireless is on and working?

  Dipso 14:15 20 Oct 2006

Try changing the wireless channel on the router. This happened to a mate, was working fine previously. Presumably someone else in the area was using the same channel and it was causing a problem.

  postie24 19:25 20 Oct 2006

What does it say exactly when you let windows repair the connection?

  marbleblue 22:47 20 Oct 2006

The signal strength is usually 'Very Good' or 'Excellent'.
I can't recall anything drastically changing. Sometimes previously there would be a blip in the strength of the connection, but I would repair and it would sort itself out, but on Wednesday evening it stopped working prettey much totally, the wireless connection icons completely disappeared, and not even the wizard software provided with it (which was installed at the time of purchase) would run.
The lights dancing around on the top of the router downstairs haven't changed, they're still dancing, and the lights on the front are the same as they were a few days ago, saying that everythings seemingly A-OK.

That's an idea, if I knew how to do it, which, unfortunately I don't. Our neighbour (semi-detatched house) has a similar, if not the same model, so my problem might have had a similar solution to mine.

I don't know exactly what it says when Windows trys to repair the connection, as I've let annoyance win over sanity, and ti's only happened a couple of times recently, but I'll make a note of everything that comes up if/when it happens again.


  Dipso 23:21 20 Oct 2006

Log in to the routers interface 192 . 168 . 0 . 1. Click on Wireless settings on the left and you should see the field for channel changes. Select one of the other channels from the list and click on Apply at the bottom. You may need to try a few to find one that suits.

  marbleblue 14:21 21 Oct 2006

It happened again a little earlier. This is everything that came up:

The dialogue box that opened when I clicked repair said:
Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action could not be completed:
Connecting to the wireless network
(although a subsequent time I tried it said 'Renewing your IP address'in plac eof this)
For assistance contact the person who manages your network.

Also I notice that the icon on the taskbar stays on the status of 'accquiring network address' for a very long time, usually leading to the connection failing. After this happens, a bubble appears from it stating that 'the connection has limited or no connectivity. You might not be able to access the Interent or network resources. For more information click here. I click it and the dialogue box that opens says 'The problem occure because the network did not assign a network address to the computer'

Hope this is what you wanted.


  Technotiger 14:55 21 Oct 2006

Hi, disconnect the Power from your Router, wait ten seconds, then reconnect Power. This will reset your Router, and complete your connection.


  marbleblue 15:30 21 Oct 2006


  Technotiger 15:34 21 Oct 2006

I see you are smiling - so if you are happy now, please remember to Green tick this thread.


  postie24 17:46 21 Oct 2006

Marbleblue,sorry i couldnt get back sooner.Glad you have it sorted

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