wireless hotspots: security advice please

  eh? 11:30 29 May 2007

I am buying a wireless enabled laptop and will want to use my caravan sites wireless hotspot facility.
I have overheard a few people trying to get on the net in the hotspot place, but they have been unable to get connected. I hear them saying that the network is detected but they can't connect. I know a little about networking ( a little mind ! ) and I am tempted sometimes to try and help but I am not confident enough. Thing is, will I have the same prob, and how do I correct it please anyone? I would tend to think it is something to do with the firewall or anti virus not letting the network access?
So, basically, I am asking how I can remain safe but able to surf while using a wireless hotspot place?
Any help would be great, many thanks in advance.

  postie24 19:24 29 May 2007

click here
Your anti-virus software wont stop you connecting.
1st make sure the wireless card in laptop is enabled,
Click start/run type in services.msc then click ok,scroll down to wireless and make sure its running.
Right click on wireless icon in taskbar and choose available networks,and click on the caravan sites network.
Please dont do any credit card transactions over a wireless network

  FreeCell 20:03 29 May 2007

Your caravan site may have a hotspot but it doesn't mean it's free access. Do they have security set so that you have to pay for access?

  Strawballs 20:46 29 May 2007

I'm with FreeCell on this one, do you know if any of these people that have been having trouble getting online have been to the site office to see if they have to pay for an encryption key?

  eh? 21:00 29 May 2007

Thank you everyone.
Postie24, the new laptop is wireless enabled, so when you say to make sure the wireless card is enabled, do you mean the integrated card? I don't need a separate one do I ?
Freecell, should you not do c card transactions over ANY wireless network, or do you mean just public area ones?
The caravan site say it is free access...and I have seen some people successfully connecting. But thanks for tip, I will ask at weekend. anything else I need to do/know please?

  Strawballs 21:53 29 May 2007

It might be free but they may use an encyrption which they give the key to customers only to stop anybody using it so's to keep check on who's using it in case of misuse.

  eh? 22:27 29 May 2007

ok, so if they do have an encryption key, where do I enter it? and would it interfere with connecting to my router when I get home? Oh and thats another question!! Can you have a wired and wireless network connection set up on the same machine? I.e. I have a wired router at home.

  FreeCell 22:52 29 May 2007

Yes you can have wired and wireless connections set.

It was Postie mentioned Credit cards use on wireless. Only do so if you are confident about security, and not on open unencrypted networks.

Encryption key is entered in the security settings for your wireless network on the PC. The commonest encryptions are either WEP64 bit, 128 bit or 256 bit or WAP. If you use "View Available Networks" when you're next there then the network at the caravan site will indicate what encryption (if any) is being used.

  Strawballs 00:14 30 May 2007

If you have a wireless router at home and only intend to connect by wire I suggest that you dissable the wireless facility then it will be secure and if you wish to use wireless at home as well then setup WPA encryption.

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