Wireless at home - 2 Laptops = problems?

  mantamark 11:34 21 Nov 2009

Right, I've been having problems for a few weeks, i need some help!

Basically, we cant download or stream anything at the minute!

We are on Virgin 10mb Broadband, have the Modem Virgin supplied 4 years ago. Also have a Belkin F5D7230-4 router that i bought about 3 years ago.

I have a 3 year old HP laptop, and the mrs has a two month old Packard Bell.

We used to be able to use the two laptops at the same time, but strangely, since she got her new one, its gone a bit odd.

Using speedtest.net

Both Laptops switched on, mine on speedtest, hers on google home page. I get 6-7mbs over 3 tests.
Both Laptops switched on, mine on google home page, hers on speedtest. She gets 9-10mbs over 3 tests.
My laptop connected direct to modem, i get 10mbs.
Her laptop connected to modem, she gets 10mbs.

Now for the interesting bit.

Both on speedtest, start at the same time, she gets up to 7mbs, mine didnt start once, and the other two times i got 2mbs.
Both on speedtest, i start mine 5 seconds before hers, i get up to 7mbs, thenas soon as hers starts, mine tails off & doesnt even complete the test, hers goes up to 7mbs.

So, from what i gather, although it shouldnt, her laptop is taking the majority of the signal, but i didnt think that was possible?

Can i upgrade anything to help?

I've rang Virgin and they are very unhelpful, talking to me like i'm a complete idiot, with a very poor attitude. Rang them 5 times in the last few weeks, had one slightly helpful person, been cut off three times & had someone who didnt know what they were doing and sat not speaking to me for minutes at a time.

Any help would be appreciated.


  T0SH 12:58 21 Nov 2009

The 10Mb Sec max available bandwith is shared between all the computers connected to your router and powered up

because you can only have a single public IP address which is used and displayed by the speedtest sites to identify you as the source of the test

running speed tests from two simultaineus connections from the same source ip address will only serve to confuse the speedtest facility and by the sound of it also Virgin support staff

cheers HC

  mantamark 14:48 21 Nov 2009

Ok, so i cant run two speed tests at once, thats fine, i didnt know that thanks.

But, why cant i stream or download anything?

And why is the connection better when there is only one laptop on now? we used to be ok when she had her old one?

Thanks for the reply.

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