Wireless help needed.

  Conny 18:36 18 Aug 2009

I am using a HP Pavillion Desktop as my main PC, using XP Home but want to connect my daughters laptop wirelessly. I have a Netgear WGR614 router and the laptop is a Sony Viao running Vista. In the router box I have the router, USB adaptor, male/female USB cable and a blue ethernet cable. I also have a blue ethernet cable between my modem and myHP Desktop and a USB from the modem to my Desktop. Can anyone tell me how/which wire goes where to go wireless on the laptop. A small diagram would be brilliant if thats possible.
Thanks in advance.

  woodchip 18:53 18 Aug 2009

If the Desktop is connecting to the router okay with Ethernet Cable connected, Start Internet Explorer on that computer, in the address bar at the top put in the correct address for you router to get to Router Setup Page that is built into the Router, my address For a 3Com Router is http:// I have left a Space before 192 that would be closed if putting it in the address bar box, but PCA would have changed the above to a Click Hear so it would have been harder for you to see. press enter return key after putting the address in the box if its the correct address it will bring up a page at asks for System Password try admin in lower case letters. you need to look for wireless in settings and setup a Encryption key use WPA for Encryption not WEP. Right the Key down as you need this and the SSID for the Laptop settings in Networking My computer Create a Connection.

  Conny 19:39 18 Aug 2009

Thanks for replying woodchip. At the moment the desktop is just connected to the modem, (Virgin Media), with a blue ethernet lead and a USB lead. The router is still in the box. There is no diagram in the netgear box showing what wire goes where and this is where I am having the problem.

  birdface 19:45 18 Aug 2009

Ethernet cable should go from your modem to the router.Then from the router to your desktop.That should be it.And your daughter should pick the signal up providing she has wireless turned on on her laptop.
The WGR614 router should have came with a yellow ethernet cable which goes into the modem and the other end into the Router.just a matter of running another ethernet cable from the router to your computer.

  birdface 19:49 18 Aug 2009

There should also be a disc in the router box which you need to run on your computer so that you can put your username and password in it.As long as your daughter knows your password and user name she should be ok to use your Wireless connection.

  woodchip 21:10 18 Aug 2009

Just use the Blue Ethernet Wire to connect the Router and Desktop together, then you have to go to router setup page as above. If you got a CD with Router check the CD for a Read Me File, or Installation File. you do not need to load drivers for a router. you just need the how to from it with the setup page address as above as yours may differ from mine

  woodchip 21:15 18 Aug 2009

With the Router I am assuming that it is a Modem Router, if it is you do not need the old modem.
Read this on how to set it up click here

Its the same address as mine

  Conny 00:22 19 Aug 2009

Hi Woodchip, went through the various stages but it keeps telling me I have a 'Static IP ADDRESS' not a 'Dynamic' one. When we tried setting this up about 18 months ago Virgin told me it was Dynamic and gave me a list of numbers for the IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS Servers. I've tried putting these numbers in but it keeps coming up with an error report. I will contact Virgin tomorrow to see if they can help. In the meantime thank you for your help and patience. I will let you know if I manage to get it connected.

  Conny 01:25 20 Aug 2009

Well, contacted Virgin and I have a 'Dynamic' address. Spent over 1 1/2 hours on phone to Netgear support and they can't figure it out. 2 Seperate phone calls, 2 seperate guys talked me through every stage of the setup and they couldn't get it to connect so chucking it in the bin and staying wired. Absolutely fed up with the whole 'shooting match'.
Thanks for your help guys but there is something not right somewhere so I'm giving up.

  birdface 08:25 20 Aug 2009

Just to make sure you have it set up properly.
1.take your Ethernet cable out of the back of the Modem.
2.You should have got ayellow Ethernet cable with the new router.Put one end of the ethernet cable into the modem and the other end into the yellow socket in the back of the router.
3.The blue Ethernet cable that you had on the modem you put that on the router next to the yellow cable connectotion.And that is the only connections that you need,
4.You have to run the disc that came with it to add your username and password of your choice.That stops anyone else from using your connection that does not know your password.
5.Make sure all light are working on the Modem and router and that should be that.And off course i presume you have the router plugged into the socket.
Sometimes it will not let you connect the computer to the internet and you then have to unplug the modem for 10 seconds and then restart it.That should only happen once.

Your daughters laptop should be picking up a signal of some sort if not from yours then from a neighbors.Has she got the wireless connection swithched on.And just thinking I think she needs to also run the virginmedia wireless disc.She should have a Virginmedia wireless connection icon on her computer this is used for fault finding.

As you have closed this thread.Why not open another one in Networking.Add this thread on to it with a click here.Also if you check underneth the Router it should show you a diagram of how to restore modem to factory settings.Maybe worth a try.

  birdface 08:30 20 Aug 2009

Not sure how the laptop connects to wireless.
it is usually by an on off switch or by pressing 2 different keys [fn] key along with F1 on some laptops.A lot of folk with the same sort of problems in Networking so lets hope that you get it working.Best of luck.

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