Wireless help needed.

  Plastic Dracula 20:25 09 Nov 2006

This might be a really stoopid question but I dont know anything about wireless internet stuff.
My sister has just bought a computer and set it all up upstairs in her house. The only phone socket in her house is downstairs. Rather than run cables up the stairs around the house she was advised by 2 different people that she should buy a wireless router which would send the signal up to her PC. Is this correct cos I have read the instructions and it appears that you have to have a PC connected to the router downstairs and you can then share the internet connection with the other PC.
Any help gratefully received.

  skidzy 20:40 09 Nov 2006

Does she have a cable line or bt.

If bt she needs a adsl modem/router and the advice given is sound.This providing the pc is wireless enabled..if not.She needs a usb adaptor or wireless card.

For example click here

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:42 09 Nov 2006

The set up you describe is a home network where the 2 machines communicate. Your upstairs computer should connect to a properly configured router downstairs. If you have cable you will need a different router from a BT line. I have a router upstairs and connect to it on a computer downstairs, other family members also connect to it around the house but we are not networked to each other.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:47 09 Nov 2006

As skidzy says the computer will need a wireless adapter fitted to receive the signal if it has not already got one. The router can then communicate with the upatairs comp using the adapter.

  Plastic Dracula 20:47 09 Nov 2006

She has the router set up and there is something which I assume is the adaptor which is connected to her PC but during the setup process it says to ensure that the router itself is connected to the PC with an ethernet cable????

  skidzy 20:50 09 Nov 2006

She needs to use the ethernet cable to configure the two,then disconnect the ethernet and use the usb adaptor.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:51 09 Nov 2006

The cable is only required to set the router up then you can disconnect it, if you have a wireless enabled laptop available you can use that for convenience as you can get closer to the router and use a shorter cable.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:52 09 Nov 2006

Crossing in the posts sorry.

  Plastic Dracula 20:57 09 Nov 2006

Great, thanks for all the help once again
This place rules!

  skidzy 20:58 09 Nov 2006

Hi HVR hope your well.

Better the double postings.

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