wireless help, hp no help!

  scoobyc 21:47 26 Dec 2006

i have an hp t3065 and have just received a new compaq nx6325. The problem is i want to connect them wirelessly (both have factory fitted wireless) but it says that "limited or no connectivity". the signal strength on both is excellent and seems to find each other with no problems. I went onto hp support and turned of my firewalls as requested but made no difference. Can anyone point me in the right direction next? thanks greatly for your time.

  Strawballs 23:33 26 Dec 2006
  Ashrich 00:47 27 Dec 2006

Unless you are trying to connect these through a router you need to set up an AD Hoc network , make sure the wireless network settings in XP are set to that ie...make sure that Windows in managing your wireless network , then double click on the single monitor symbol ( where it syas limited or no connectivity ) then view wireless networks , change the order etc. , tick the box at the top for " use windows ...." then click on Advanced , and make sure " Computer to computer ( ad hoc ) networks only " is selected . Go back and pre enter the WEP code you have created and enter it into both lots of settings and try to get the 2 to connect to each other .


  scoobyc 19:42 27 Dec 2006

thanks greatly for your replies. I've not got too much time just now but i've read the first link of strawballs before without much working for me but hopefully between the second link and ashrichs comments i'll get somewhere and update you's later, fingers crossed and thanks again.

  scoobyc 20:34 29 Dec 2006

hi again, i've had a chance to read and play and need some help! The second link above requests that i open up Wireless network connection properties and click on the tab wireless network connections. unfortunately my tabs are only general,authentication and advanced! If i use the view network settings it says windows cannot configure, but advises this can be changed in the advanced settings after clicking on the advanced settings tab, but when i go into this i have no advanced settings tab! Its like something else has removed the rights to set up the wireless network at some point, is there anyway to reset these rights? Hopefully someone can help and allow me to save the rest of my hair, with thanks, scott.

  Ashrich 21:22 29 Dec 2006

General , Authentication and Advanced are the properties for the Network card , not the Wireless card , you want the wireless card as you say they are both with factory fitted wireless .


  scoobyc 12:10 30 Dec 2006

hi ashley, thanks for the help but it definately says "wireless network connection properties" at the top of the window and it says "connect using - wireless pci 802.11b/g adapter wn" Don't know where else to look for it if that ain't it to be honest! If i open up the same on the laptop it shows the screen i should be looking for, it just won't give me all the tabs on the desktop :(

  Ashrich 23:42 30 Dec 2006

Hi Scott , try un-installing the drivers for the PCI card then re-installing them again ( in case you haven't done so already ) then run the wireless network wizard , first on the desktop PC and enable Internet connection sharing , then run the same on the laptop , it will ask you which adapter to use saying that the LAN connector is not connected , click on the bit to ignore unconnected items , tell the laptop to connect to the PC via wireless adapter , automatically your main PC will be given the IP address of and the laptop , when it connects probably ending in .2 , turn off , temporarily all firewalls then run the network wizard to turn on print and file sharing , then in Windows Explorer , right click on any files you wish to share and reboot . After rebooting you should have a wireless network icon on the task bars of both PC's , double click on each in turn and tell them to search for networks , see if that does the trick .


  scoobyc 23:56 30 Dec 2006

thanks for the advise ash. i'll give it a bash but before i do, i never installed a pci card (slot on the side?), i'm pretty sure its factory fitted therfore would this make any difference? i can try and reinstall things but everything was factory fitted before i started. I think the problems might have come from me trying to link my pda many moons ago? thanks again greatly for your time, scott.

  Ashrich 15:34 31 Dec 2006

H gain Scott , it's only the drivers to be un-installed , not the card itself ! just go to device manager ....start/settings/control panel/system/hardware/device manager and find the wireless card under the " Network Adapters tab , expand the tab and find the wireless device , third section along will be " drivers " select uninstall and after it has done that , reboot and let Windows find it again .


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