Wireless hell (Belkin G-router)

  jmak 18:22 24 May 2006

I bought a Belkin D-Link DI 624+ 802.11g/2.4 Ghz Wireless G-router a few months ago and I have had nothing but problems with it. I live in Belfast and use an NTL broadband cable package that comes with the TV and phone line. Even when it does work it goes offline evry couple of hours and frequently doesn't work for days or weeks for no apparent reason. Worst of all connecting it sometimes seems to upset the normal internet connection from the modem and appears to have damaged the computer which it is hardwired to, which has lost all of its drivers. What the hell is going on? How could the router affect the computer and the modem in such a drastic way. Even removing it from the equation and connecting things the way they were before I got the router does nothing to help the situation although after a frustrating week of rebootings and resettings and messing around with settings the internet came back a few hours after I had given up and when nothing had been changed for those few hours! Is wireless worth all this trouble? This is causing tension in my house and I am unable to use my laptop at home because of this! Is it even possible that my router could cause problems like this?

  Danoh 18:54 24 May 2006

Grief, what a lot of emotions poured out there!!!
It is very unlikely your router could have damaged your computer and corrupted/lost its drivers on its own.

We'll need to go through this methodically ~ please help by telling us the sequence of events, plus whether all of your PCs have Windows XP.

1) NTL broadband ~ is this a standalone modem or a set-top box?
I hear set-top boxes have more problems ~ my NTL standalone modem has never been any trouble for > 5 years.
If there are now problems with a PC connected directly to NTL’s broadband kit, but without a router nor wirelessly connected PCs, then these problems have nothing to do with the router nor wireless settings ~ it is just coincidental.

Get your standard (non wireless) broadband and PC setup working again first.
Some other activity has probably corrupted your PC’s setups and drivers.

No point moving on to sort out the wireless aspects until your standard broadband setup is working again.

2) When you say things “goes offline every couple of hours ~ for days or weeks”, this could be down to the NTL box and/or router box overheating.
Are they positioned so that they have plenty of space for free air-flow?

3) Faulty kit; it could be possible that the NTL or Belkin boxes have a fault or have developed a fault.
NTL will test and replace their kit.
Belkin has a lifetime warranty if you still have the receipt.

Hope that has been of some help in all your frustrations after months of attempts to sort this out.

  ade.h 21:39 24 May 2006

I have to say that it does not bode well if you do not even know what brand of router you use? First, you state "Belkin" in your (over-the-top) title. Then you state that it is a Belkin D-Link. No such thing. Presumably, it is actually a D-Link, judging by the DI-604 designation (which is a D-Link model number).

We need more information if we are to help you. You make no mention of which client firewall you use, or what type and model of W-LAN adapter the client has, or what process you are using to attempt to connect.

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