wireless headphones

  Abi-Moore 14:17 09 Aug 2007

ive just purchased my first set of wireless headphones,the base unit,keeps powering off,do you think they are faulty or a setting on my pc?

  HCOOH 14:47 09 Aug 2007

It is possible that other members have a similar product and can advise, if you would care to reveal the model and make etc.

  Abi-Moore 14:51 09 Aug 2007

addicon 19900
click here

  captivetrill 15:07 09 Aug 2007

I had some wireless headphones (Sennheiser), but I found if there were any quite periods, say in a game, they would power off, so I stopped using them, because you would miss stuff in the time it took them to power on again.
I found it a nuisance...

  Abi-Moore 15:15 09 Aug 2007

thats what i thought,could be happening,but it happens mid song,i wondered if it was something like the sound not being picked up fully from pc,so base unit cuts off?

  Abi-Moore 18:24 09 Aug 2007

solved,returned to maplins for refund,ill stick with my wired ones

  dukeboxhero 18:26 09 Aug 2007

bought myself some wireless headphones last year but i found some of the higher notes in a song didnt come through, went back to wired

  Smiler 19:13 10 Aug 2007

Have you thought of using bluetooth wireless headphones.
I have a set of logitech which have a transmitter I can put into any headphone or line out socket and listen to my hearts content. No drop outs.

These are the latest model click here
but I have the older ones.
Here are the same ones from Tesco but a lot more expensive click here

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