Wireless is great if........................

  chelseabluekat 13:09 29 Jun 2005

If you can get it to work! Wireless mouse jumps or sticks, wireless keyboard signal constantly drops, wireless cards and wireless hub erratic..........

Do we have to go back to a hardwired system to maintain quality connections?

  retep888 16:01 29 Jun 2005

<Wireless mouse jumps or sticks> I put a A4 paper underneath

<wireless keyboard signal constantly drops> I always make sure the batteries are functional and the receiver is in the best position and not interfered by other objects i.e.mobile phone or microwave.

<wireless cards and wireless hub erratic> I think I did instll the correct driver for my wireless cards,had the latest firmware for my router,so far so good.

< Do we have to go back to a hardwired system to maintain quality connections?> I have a Netgear DG834GT Modem/Router,and a combination of hardwired &wireless networwork of desktops & laptops,I can't
tell which system works better,they all are,but personally I do prefer the wireless one if you can sort out the security issue first.

Oh well,fingers crossed..........

  chelseabluekat 16:12 29 Jun 2005

Mouse mat/paper/nothing etc. - still erratic

Keyboard and mouse batteries changed at the same time - keyboard is in range. I know mobiles and spotlight lamps etc. can affect it - so the light has gone and the mobile switched off. And I don't use the computer in or near the kitchen -so no affect from the microwave.

I've re-installed all the drivers for the microsoft equipment.

All to no avail - isn't technology wonderful!

Thanks for your help

  Forum Editor 22:33 29 Jun 2005

used a wireless mouse and/or keyboard that worked properly and consistently - all of them have landed me with precisely the same problems you seem to be experiencing.

Sometimes you just have to face facts and use technology that works for you, rather than persisting with something for its own sake. Having learnt my lesson I now stick strictly to conventional wired keyboards and mice; being able to work without irritations is worth being slightly off the cutting edge.

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