Wireless G or N

  sneakerman 16:10 29 Jun 2007

I am thinking of buying a new laptop but don't know whether it is worth waiting for the new Wireless N standard.

I think that wireless G gives you more af a lukewarm spot than a hot spot but wht I would like to know is

If I have a wireless N router, will I get better coverage if my laptop has a wireless G adapter, or does the enhanced network only work when they are both N.

I am quite happy with the speed of G just so long as I can get a connection?

Unfortunately I am not that technically knowledgeable, can anyone help?

  Taff™ 16:26 29 Jun 2007

Many of us have used 802.11g for several years and you suggest you are happy with it.

The "n" standard has not been ratified and I am aware that unless you have a router and a compatible (same make or manufacturer) wireless network card you may struggle.

Don`t worry about it! Laptops with "n" will take another 6 months at least to reach the UK market - can you wait that long?

  sneakerman 00:28 30 Jun 2007

I am quite happy with the speed of G but not the consistent range

As I understand it one of the features with N is that it gives you a (for example) 300m range compared to a (for example) 100m range with G

The question is do you get 300m with just N router with N Laptop, having said that do you get 250m with N router and G laptop

as opposed to 100m with G router and G laptop

The speed is practically irrelevant, does N not incorporate MIMO technology which by definition improves the area of recepton?

I am only making these figures up to make a point, but if N gives you a 300m range (theoretically) then a 100m range (at good reception) should be a breeze, I really don't need anything more than 100m but what I do want is that 100m to be 100% - I don't care if it goes a bit further.

  Taff™ 08:42 30 Jun 2007

You are correct about the range limitations. I suggest you look for a pre-N router with a USB Wireless adapter (Pre-N as well) if the range is an issue using the laptop wireless facility.

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