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  SeedyBee 11:13 15 Mar 2006

I am setting up a Pre N wireless router.
Is it possible to connect my external Fax Modem, presently connected to com 1, to the router to be used wirelessly together with my broadband and printer. Or, is there a dial up modem that can be accessed by the Pre N setup. The reason being that the computer station will be remote from the phone line input point.
Any ideas somebody please.

  Taff™ 00:29 16 Mar 2006

Best I can offer is this link which came up in a thread about a month ago. I bookmarked it but don`t know anything about it other than you see. Suggest you contact BT about compatibility. click here

  vinnyT 10:20 16 Mar 2006

You can't (someone may correct here) send faxes over a BBand connection.

The way around this, is to leave your modem connected to com1 (and the phone line, you may need another filter) and use this as and when you need to send faxes. The advantage here, is you won't have to change any settings.

Hope this helps.

  Taff™ 08:46 18 Mar 2006

You`re quite correct - you can`t but that is why we are looking at conventional 56K analogue modems. The one in my link is wireless.

Note too SeedyBee that if you hover over green underlined "Send faxes" in VinnyT`s response that you can follow the link to a commercial service offering fax by e-mail. Some ISP`s offer this with their BB connections either as part of their package or as an add on.

  SeedyBee 18:32 21 Mar 2006

Many thanks all.
Wouldn't you know it, just changed ISP so had to scratch around for your answers.
I think the old fashioned modem is the answer. You can however, I have found out, use a service - costs!- which sends fax over the email system.
Once again thanks

  vinnyT 15:27 22 Mar 2006


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