wireless external hard drive

  RossStupart 11:58 01 Jun 2008

i'm looking to buy an external hard drive which i can connect to wirelessly with 2 laptops. i already have a wifi connection in the house.

can anybody advise if there is an external hard drive that either has wifi built in or i can connect to my wifi connection and access it via this.

if anyone can advise me of how to set this up, please let me know. Thanks

  crosstrainer 12:27 01 Jun 2008

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These are NOT cheap! If your wireless router has a USB connection port, you could connect a standard USB HDD to it, if not, you are faced with shelling out a lot of money, or buying a router with USB connection:

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Links are only for guidance, and cheaper products may be available if you look around.

  pchelper001 13:02 01 Jun 2008

why don't you try a networked attached storage drive, or a external drive with a network port, that you can plug into your modem/router.

  RossStupart 13:18 01 Jun 2008

hi pchelper001,

can you please advise what the difference is between the networked attached storage drive, and an external drive with a network port?

  pchelper001 17:45 01 Jun 2008

A network attached storage device is made for just what it says. It is a drive that you connect to your network to be only accessible to the computers in the network.

An external hard drive with a network port, would just be a hard drive, that you could carry around anywhere, and could probably just plug in with usb to one of the computers. Some of them include a network port, thus letting you add it to the modem/router.

  MCE2K5 17:49 01 Jun 2008

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