Wireless Explanations Please

  SURVEY 15:49 20 Aug 2008

I recently purchased a Belkin 8633 wireless modem. All is set up and works well. However I have the following queries that I am sure forum members will be able to answer quicker than I am going to get an answer from Belkin!

1. The histogram icon on my laptop toolbar generally shows a speed of 54mps and I assume that this is the maximum with the network card in the laptop (unless I buy a 'N' rated card?
2.The histogram icon shows the signal as good or low, yet the speed is 54mps. What is the relationship between these figures? Surely if signal strength is low then the connection speed would also be low?
3. The histogram can show a good signal yet the wireless icon on the toolbar can show a low signal or vice versa! Why is this?
4. I can get a better signal strength with my laptop downstairs and the modem a distance away upstairs on an extension BT socket than with the modem downstairs connected to the first BT socket within a few feet of the laptop! Is there any logic to this?

  mgmcc 20:57 20 Aug 2008

1. The nominal data transfer speed of the 802.11g wireless networking protocol is 54Mbps.

2. Regardless of signal strength, the "Wireless Network Adapter" (PC) and "Wireless Access Point" (Router) will endeavour to negotiate a connection at the full 54Mbps. Only if unable to do so will a connection then be established at a lower speed.

3. To be honest, I've no idea what your "histogram" is, but if you go into the Network Connections folder and double click the Wireless Network Connection, it will show the connection speed and signal strength.

4. <<<Is there any logic to this?>>> Probably not, unless the signal is so strong that the adapter is being overloaded and the problem manifests itself as a weaker signal. Errors necessitating the resending of data packets could be weakening the apparent signal strength.

  SURVEY 10:32 21 Aug 2008

mgmcc - thanks for this. The histogram appears to be a repeat of what is showing on the Network connection properties. Shows 54mps as connection speed (but I assume this means what the actual protocol is) and the histogram must indicate the percentage of the 54mps that is achieved.

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