Wireless error message at setup

  collinsc 09:04 08 Nov 2007

Help, i get the below message when trying to set up my wireless.

The Internet Light Does not Light Up

You may have a cable connection problem.
Make sure the phone cable is securely plugged in at: the ADSL port on the back of the router; at the modem socket on the filter; and at the wall jack. Also, to test if there is a problem with the ADSL filter, you can plug the phone cable from the router directly into the wall jack.

Unplug the router, wait 15 seconds, and plug it in again.

You may not have an active ADSL Internet service.
Contact your Internet service provider to verify that the ADSL service has been activated and that it is functioning properly.

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  dms05 14:52 08 Nov 2007

What equipment are you using? Is this a completely new install or are you simply replacing/extending an existing system?

If you can't get anything when you first connect the LAN cable then (a) ADSL isn't enabled on the line (b) Your LAN connection in your PC isn't enabled (c) Your router has incorrect settings (d) the LAN cable is faulty or is a Crossover rather then a Patch cable.

But we need more specific information on what you are using and exactly what you are trying to do.

  collinsc 15:07 08 Nov 2007

replacing exisitng PC network, so it should be a simple wire/connection swap- and everything works fine on wired connections.

"(d) the LAN cable is faulty or is a Crossover rather then a Patch cable." what does that mean?


  dms05 15:20 08 Nov 2007

If your wired connection is OK forget about the cable comments (Patch is where the wires are connected the same at both ends - yours is - and crosssover is where some of the wires crossover and connect to different pins).

So, what are you using as your WiFi card? Did that work before you replaced your network? Have you installed the correct drivers for the WiFi? Is the 'radio' signal turned on in the router and the WiFi card?

  collinsc 17:23 08 Nov 2007

i have built in wireless on my laptop.
i can connect to other peoples network...


  dms05 21:55 08 Nov 2007

Which suggests your router's 'radio' signal is 'off'.

  collinsc 07:55 09 Nov 2007

how do i turn them on!?


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