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  cas8 16:07 21 Jan 2009

I have just connected a wireless netbook but I do not seem to get incoming emails coming to it. They seem to come no problem to the desktop. both computers are configured exactly the same. The only ones I get , are replies that have been send from the netbook. Anybody any ideas?

  Tech Guy 17:03 21 Jan 2009

As email is sent from a server and once left that server it is stored on your computer - the desktop. So once downloaded it can't download again.

So if you want to view the same saved, deleted, sent emails on both the desktop and the laptop you will have to use webmail e.g. the website from your ISP to view/send emails. Gmail, hotmail and yahoo are examples of webmail.

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  cas8 17:59 21 Jan 2009

Thanks for reply but if I try and open the mail on the laptop first, (as I have done) surely they should appear on that one!

  Tech Guy 18:31 21 Jan 2009

Yes they should go into the inbox of your mail program after you press sent/receive button and stay there.

  cas8 20:27 21 Jan 2009

So why don't they appear in the inbox of the laptop when I press sent/receive, but do leter in the desktop?

  Tech Guy 20:30 21 Jan 2009

If you press sent /receive and view mail then vanishes and ends up on your desktop?

Thats some spooky sh*t

  mo888 18:10 27 Jan 2009

What mail server/service are you using? Are you using a company exchange server or a mail service such as Gmail?

If you are using Exchange, then both PC and netbook should be in sync (i.e. all mails on both devices).

If you explain what client/server you are using and what protocol (Exchange/POP/IMAP) i may be able to help.


  cas8 11:26 28 Jan 2009

Thanks mo888
I am using POP/SMTP protocols.
The curious thing is that some mail does come to the laptop and some doesn't.

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