Wireless disconnects in Windows XP (SP2)

  KidCanary 23:44 28 Jan 2008

Recently upgraded my computer, but having trouble with my wireless network.

I'm getting disconnected often, and it seemingly happens more often if I'm downloading.
Trying to reconnect does nothing at all, and the the only way I can get the connection back up is by restarting the computer.

I've disabled the Windows Wireless Zero service, as I'd heard that can cause problems, but I still get the disconnects.

Using an Apple Airport as the access point, and currently using a NetGear WN511B PCMCIA card (In a PCI - PCMCIA carriage).

In the events log, this comes up:
"The system detected that network adapter RangeMax(tm) NEXT Wireless Notebook Adapter WN511B was disconnected from the network, and the adapter's network configuration has been released. If the network adapter was not disconnected, this may indicate that it has malfunctioned. Please contact your vendor for updated drivers."

I've also tried an ActionTec 802CI2 card, but the same thing happened (Although obviously in the events log it had the name of the ActionTec card rather than the NetGear one).

Everything works fine using an ethernet cable, plugged from my computer in to the socket at the back of the Airport.

Both of the wireless cards worked fine in other computers, so I'm fairly sure the fault isn't with them, and they worked fine on my old Windows 2k machine.

I'm flat out of ideas here, so any help would be appreciated.

  dms05 13:22 29 Jan 2008

"I've disabled the Windows Wireless Zero service, as I'd heard that can cause problems, but I still get the disconnects"

You could well be better off disconnecting all the third party WiFi Managers you are using and use the Windows Zero Conf throughout. Generally that's recommended on this forum.

It may be worthwhile changing the Channel on your Airport (try 1 then 6 then 10).

When you restart your computer does it reboot the Router?

  KidCanary 17:24 29 Jan 2008

Tried it using just the Windows Zero service, and using different channels, but the same thing happens.

Restarting my computer doesn't reboot the router. I have tried manually restarting it, but that didn't seem to solve anything.

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