Wireless connection without broadband?

  Pom Pom 23:19 20 Jan 2006

I don't have broadband. Can I have a wireless connection for my laptop without having broadband? If so, would it be too slow to even be worth it? Would I need a specific feature on a router?

  Forum Editor 23:31 20 Jan 2006

that works wirelessly with a dial-up connection, and although it's extremely good at its job it's not cheap (about £120), and as you guessed, is horribly slow.

Called a WiFlyer, this device can also be used as a portable wireless broadband router. click here for more information.

You would need to buy a wireless PCMCIA adapter for your laptop (unless it's already WiFi enabled), but that would not set you back much more than around £12

Broadband connection costs are now pretty competitive, and unless you're unable to obtain the service you might consider that by the time you've bought the hardware and paid the attendant call charges it might be a close call between that and going for a broadband connection.

  Skyver 00:09 21 Jan 2006

What about this? click here
Although I would still stump up a bit extra per month for the huge speed increase with broadband.

  Skyver 00:09 21 Jan 2006

No good if you have XP SP2 for some reason.

  Forum Editor 00:24 21 Jan 2006

Yes, that's why I didn't mention it. I imagine that the manufacturers and BT don't consider it worthwhile upgrading the firmware to make it SP2 compatible, especially as the device doesn't have a dual ability. The WiFlyer I mentioned works with both analogue and ADSL connections - it has two modems built in.

  Skyver 00:30 21 Jan 2006

Oh I see. The link is from one of my first posts here a few months back,DieSse pointed out a wireless dialup device was available when I had no idea such a thing existed. New info noted.

  Yoda2002 12:48 25 Jan 2006

prices have dropped massivly, especily if you only use a small amount (you can get limited services even cheaper)i use v21 it £20 for 1mb unlimited with five emails. then i would recommend netgear routers as their systems are brill and surport exelent plus i would help you set up. click here can be as low as £17

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