Wireless connection is unstable

  muzza4539 15:42 09 Jul 2009

Hi, I have recently bought a new computer, and with it, a new Belkin USB wireless dongle. I am using a Zoom router which is what we have been using for a while now, and I had no problems connecting my old computer to it using the asus USB dongle.
However, my new connection is very unstable...
Firstly, when I turn on my computer it connects and then within the space of roughly 10 seconds it disconnects, then states the connection as limited, then connects again... it repeats this cycle if nothing is done. For some reason though, I found that by removing the USB dongle and putting it back, it will eventually connect and be stable (after a random number of times removing and replacing the dongle).
The stability of the connection varies, it may be stable for 5 hours, or it may decide to drop and return to its unstable cycle after 5 minuts, it is very volatile. When using VOIP software my connection seems to drop for roughly a second or so every couple of minutes, (though it isn't a disconnection as such, it just seems like lag). None of the connection seems to make sense, since my old connection was fine apart from the odd disconnection, and I cant use my old dongle since I dont have the software to use it.
When the connection is stable, I have maximum signal strength.

Look forward to replies! :)

  L8-tian 19:20 09 Jul 2009

Initially connect the modem directly to computer and check the internet connection is stable or not.
If it is stable, proceed with following steps.

Uninstall and reinstall the adapter and try to connect to any unsecured network, and check the internet connection is stable or not.

If it is stable with some other unsecured network,
then the problem is with the zoom router.
then change the channel on router(try eith 1,3,11 or 13) and check the connection.still same problem, Update the driver for the router to latest one.

If connetion is not stable, then the problem is with the Belkin USB adapter.Update the driver for the adapter and check.If still have a problem,Install the adapter in different computer and check whether the connection is stable or not.(This is the case router works fine,but wireless connection is not stable).If not stable in different computer, then there is problem in USB.

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