Wireless connection speed if not on cable broadban

  Jeannie46 18:29 26 Jan 2007

Can anyone help. At present I am with NTL as my broadband provider. I want to change this and change to Sky or Utility Warehouse for my provider but have been told that cable broadband is faster and if I change my connection to the internet will be slower. My son who is connected to the internet via wireless and has a network adapter card plays games will this slow his connection down for games.

  Ashrich 18:32 26 Jan 2007

It depends on what speed connection you have from NTL , and what can be offered from either of your preferred ISP's .


  Jeannie46 18:40 26 Jan 2007

At the moment 2MB with NTL, but with Sky or Utility Warehouse it will be 8MB, but that going through the telephone line. (although will be LLU) will mean my speed will be less than 1MB. Is there a difference in connection speed between cable and BT telephone line?

  Ashrich 00:05 27 Jan 2007

If the connection and download speed is halving then yes it will make a difference to your sons gaming , roughly 240mbit/sec for 2 MB , 120mbit/sec for 1MB or less if it doesn't quite make 1MB , these are download speeds , and it is unlikely to get any better .


  Jeannie46 21:27 27 Jan 2007

Anybody suggest a good ISP provider? Without providing their own router. I have a good router but Sky say I must use their own, and I dont know if its any good for my son as he is three floors up (PC has a network adapter)and he plays games.

  Ashrich 23:14 27 Jan 2007

click here for an unbiased view of ISPs .


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