Wireless connection software problem

  Panurge 13:01 17 Sep 2006

I' using a USB 11g wireless adapter (3Com) to connect a Win98SE PC to my existing router (also 3Com and working fine). The Device Manager reports both USB and wireless link are working but when I run the software it shuts down almost immediately without any error message.

With no idea of what is causing the problem I don't know how to proceed.

Any ideas gratefully recieved.

  The Kestrel 14:01 17 Sep 2006

Does your PC shut down when you try to install the software for the wireless adapter? If you have already installed the software for the adapter, you should not need to run the software again. When you click on your internet browser shortcut, you should connect to the internet. If you have any encrytion set up on the router, e.g. WEP, you will need to set up your PC with the encryption key to allow access.

  Panurge 14:20 17 Sep 2006

Let me clarify.

The PC does not shut down, just the 3Com software.
I believe the s/w should run from start up but it just closes, and when I try to start it up using the desktop icon etc. it flashes up a window with bar charts in it (showing things like signal strength etc) and then shuts down again within a second or two.

  The Kestrel 18:34 17 Sep 2006

Sounds like either a problem with the software, or more likely the adapter itself. Try reinstalling the software and see if that solves the problem. If this doesn't work it looks as if the adapter is faulty and should be replaced by the vendor.

  Strawballs 21:27 17 Sep 2006

Does it shut down or go into the background, when it is gone do you still have a connection?

  Panurge 15:14 18 Sep 2006

OK resolved.

I removed all the existing drivers etc and downloaded the latest s/w from 3Com and re-installed from scratch. That seems to have done the trick.

Thanks for your help

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