Wireless Connection Security (WPA)

  kwikmann 14:28 25 Jan 2006

Hello everyone!
I have been trying to configure the (WPA) security settings of my D-Link DSL-G604T Router and really need some help.
How do i find the IP address of the Radius Server and also the Port Number? Finally could someone tell me what i am supposed to do with the 'PSK HEX' and 'PSK String' options. Thanks for any help or advice in advance. kwik

  scooby43 14:39 25 Jan 2006

are u wanting to just set up ur network using wpa?

  kwikmann 15:04 25 Jan 2006

Hello Scooby43
I have managed to set up the network connection but it is un-secured. So i would like to enable the (WPA) security method to protect the connection if possible. Only problem is i don't honestly understand the procedure to follow or the jargon used. Would really appreciate any help you may be able to provide. Many thanks. kwikmann

  ade.h 17:13 25 Jan 2006

For those of use who have not used a D-link interface, could you post a screengrab of the settings boxes in question please? click here
It would be a great help to see it first hand.

  kwikmann 18:01 25 Jan 2006

Hiya Ade.h
Here's a screen shot of the security box.
[img]click here[/img] Hope i've done this right. I would like some help and advice about setting up (WPA)security. kwikmamn

  ade.h 18:13 25 Jan 2006

Thanks, that has confirmed to me what I suspected; that these options are quite different from what other type of router require. Most routers require the selection of the appropriate security protocol - such as WPA-PSK (which means Pre-shared Key) and the key itself - which should be as obscure as possible. It's called PSK because you "pre-share" this information with allowed client devices by entering the key only once upon first connection.

I have no way of telling whether the extra settings are prerequisite or optional; I suspect that they may be essential settings that other routers configure o the user's behalf.

Does your manual provide any information about these settings?

  ade.h 18:15 25 Jan 2006

If a D-link user reads this thread, perhaps they may be able to explain it better. That's why it's always worth including your model of router in the thread title to catch other users' attention.

  kwikmann 19:13 25 Jan 2006

Would really welcome and appreciate any help or advice from any other D-Link user's on this subject.

  IPA 09:16 26 Jan 2006

I’ve just set up a D-Link 604T to use wpa psk and found that once I had found my way around the menu it was no problem.
First I made up a psk string using 0 to 63 characters with 0-9, A-F. . Save it temporarily to the hd of both pc’s.
On the D-Link setup page,as above ,select wpa psk
and paste in the string . For some reason my laptop would only accept 58 characters so that’s what I settled for.Tick the AP box and enter a network name which must be the same on all your pc’s. also select a channel, it defaults at 6. Try another especially if you live in a busy area.
Click apply and go to tools/system commands and save the configuration before logging out.Whilst in tools, under user management, it would be a good idea to change user name and password before you log out also tick the firewall box in Advanced.
On your client pc’s run the wizard and select wpa and paste in your psk when asked and the network name.
It’s not immediately obvious at first but you must go to Tools to save any alterations or settings before you finally log out.
Hope this helps.

  kwikmann 09:51 26 Jan 2006

Hiya IPA
Believe it or not i did manage at one time to set the security but also found that i could nolonger enter the login/ click here box so thinking i had made an error i changed back to default/factory settings. Now that i have managed to set up a Wireless connection albeit with an awful lot of help i am scared stiff of setting security and finding myself locked out unable to make any necessay changes or even access the Internet if i should as usual make a mistake. Many many thanks to everyone for all their help. kwikmann

  IPA 10:01 26 Jan 2006

The default login is ADMIN but as I said it is advisable to change this in Tools to name & password of your own.

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