wireless connection problems

  Keithrow 20:59 23 Jun 2008

I’m running a desktop wth xp home ed. and service pack 3.
I have a wireless connection set up to “use windows to configure my wireless network settings”. All is well except at regular intervals, usually at start up but not exclusively so, the tick in the box “use windows to configure......” disappears and I lose connection.
When I re-insert the tick, the connection is renewed automatically and I’m re connected to the internet until the next time.
Any ideas as to why this should be happening would be gratefully received.
I’m connecting to a BT home hub.

  Technotiger 21:23 23 Jun 2008

In IE Tools>Options>Connections make sure that 'Never dial a connection' is checked.

  Keithrow 21:36 23 Jun 2008

hi Technotiger.

the option you refer to is "greyed out" but has a dot in the box anyway.

i have other pc's connected to the same wireless hub and they seem unaffected, they are all, 3 of them, laptop computers.

  Technotiger 21:48 23 Jun 2008

On that same Connections 'page' click on LAN Settings near the bottom and check if 'Automatically detect settings is checked'.

  Keithrow 21:51 23 Jun 2008

sure is

  Technotiger 22:00 23 Jun 2008

Have you compared the settings of the other three, with the one which has the hiccups, to see if there is any noticeable difference?

  Keithrow 22:15 23 Jun 2008

Yes all seem to be the same as far as the settings go. i can't see any differences apart from the hardware differences but I don't think that is the issue here.

For some reason, the command telling the pc to let windows control the settings for the connection seems to get lost. It doesn't always happen solely at shut down and it doesn't always happen at shut down.

Sometimes the pc will start up and all is well and I’ll get an immediate internet connection. Another time I do not get a connection at all and when I look, the box referred too earlier is bare and when the tick is reinstated, again all is well.

There doesn't seem to be a pattern except when it happens I get mad! That always happens!

  Technotiger 22:26 23 Jun 2008

Hmm, verrry strange ... not the getting mad bit, the cause - clutching at straws a bit, but are there any other electrical items in the near vicinity, like fridge, micro-wave etc, or is there a electricity power station anywhere near you? Fridge being the most likely source of interference.

Or, how long has this been going on (hmm, sounds like a good title for a song!) - if it is only fairly recently, perhaps a system restore might sort it.

Or, have you tried running Ccleaner click here could be a glitch in the registry.

  Keithrow 23:15 23 Jun 2008

can't think that it's interference although my wife sometimes tries to get involved with pc issues. electrically there's nothing that could be the cause of the problem. i have to say i wonder whether the service pack 3 from xp has done something which has de stabalised the pc. if i knew how to remove the service pack i would certainly give it a try.

had a bad experience with a reg cleaner and am reluctant to try that route if it is possible to avoid.

  Keithrow 23:31 23 Jun 2008

just removed service pack 3 and now will see the results. will let you know what happens in the next day or so.

thanks for your help.


  brundle 00:00 24 Jun 2008

Always check for updated drivers for your hardware before anything else. If there are no updates, remove the device and its driver, re-install the driver and if you can elect not to install the third-party software most manufacturer's provide to manage the wireless connection then do so. You should check the Wireless Zero Config service when your wireless disconnects, to see if something is stopping that service altogether.

Remove or disable any reference to the aforementioned 3rd party software from startup; click here

Registry cleaning is over-rated.

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