Wireless connection problems

  Nemo_t 09:22 16 Mar 2008

Good Morning all

I have a WRT54G linksys wireless router and ive recently changed my laptop and was wondering how I go about installing my new laptop to go onto wireless. I managed to get my old laptop working on wireless no problem but not this one for some reason lol aaarrrrhhhhhhhh

Anyhow my laptop is a sony PCG-8P3M which I purchased off my friend.

No matter what I do I just cannot get it to connect ive put the IP of the laptop to the router & also the network code to the laptop from the router but its still not connecting. My Toshiba laptop still works on it fine, and the sony laptop manages to connect to other peoples wireless connection lol but unfortunatly not mine.

Its also incripted but I have all the codes written down for this.

Regards for any replys

  carmichy 09:42 16 Mar 2008

May sound sill but is the laptop capable of wireless connection. After all it is secondhand

  Halmer 09:51 16 Mar 2008

tinkered with the linksys setting to restrict access in any way? (the admin, admin route)

  Nemo_t 10:39 16 Mar 2008

Hi Carmicchy

As per my previous message it has got wireless capability as like I said it manages to connect to other peoples networks !!!


  Nemo_t 10:40 16 Mar 2008

Hi Halmer

Its WEP already so shouldnt be a problem


  Halmer 15:30 16 Mar 2008

Does it 'allow all' under Wireless Connection though?

  Halmer 15:31 16 Mar 2008

if you restricted access to your old laptop in some way meaning that our new one could't connect?

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