wireless connection problems

  andypinks 19:35 01 Mar 2006

Right, am really frustrated.

I have just plugged into the back of my PC a USB devide whhich should pick up the internet. When i installed the software for the 1st time it worked....

Then i decided to swich my USB stick to the back of my PC, XP then decided to not recognise new hardware (?).

Eventually now i have managed to get a wirelss connection back to my router but it is not connection the the web. Signal strenght is good and thats not a prob as the connection has been there before.

In the Wireless connection 5 (I’ve had a few attempts at establishing a new connection!) Status dialogue box says, under the support tab;
‘Connection Status
Limited or no connectivity
You might not be able to access the internet or some network resources. This problem occurred because the network did not assign a network address to the computer’

I than have the option of clicking on details or repairs.

When I try to repair the connection the following message comes up after about 1min;

‘Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed:
Renewing your IP address

For assistance contact the person who manages your network’

How do I check my IP address, I know what it is and put it in correctly on my 1st installation attempt but I can’t get back to it.

Also when I click onto view wireless networks, there are none in the list and the box says that ;
‘windows cannot configure this wireless connection, if you have software for this application install it (which I have done). If you want windows to configure this wireless connection start the Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service’ . What the hell is that all about??

Help muchly appreciated,


  ade.h 21:38 01 Mar 2006

1) Try to avoid using USB adapters unless PCI or PCMCIA is out of the question.

2) If you need to use USB and it's not working very well, try running it without software in driver-only mode, letting XP control it.

This requires the full and complete removal of both the software and the hardware; after unintsalling the hardware via Dev Manager, it is sometimes necessary to uninstall and reactivate the USB host controllers and sub-entries. This is done in the same way; right-click and select uninstall. They will automatically reinstall on first use.

Reinstall the adapter as if you were installing a PnP device and manually select the driver from the CD.

3) When a newly created connection fails to function, either sort it out or delete it and start again. The creation of 5 (!) WLANs is just going to compound your problems.

  ade.h 21:39 01 Mar 2006

Your last question relates to point number 2 above; WZC is there for that purpose.

  andypinks 08:46 02 Mar 2006

Great thanks, but how do i get rid of the ohter 4 WLAN's? When i right click on them delete is greyed out, do i need to log in as the administrator?

Will do point 2 above (but sure i have done this already - hence my 5 WLAN's, maybe not totally though) but think long term solution is a PCMIA card, why do you reccomend them over the USB?


  sandy1640 10:04 02 Mar 2006

the reson that your new usb is not working on your computer is that it is not recognising the new hardware so follow these steps

1) add new hardware
2) install new usb wireless revicer
3) click finsh when it comes up

lee sands

  ade.h 12:57 02 Mar 2006

You need to get rid of those extra connections first, otherwise problems will continue to occur. To make it deletable, you must first disable each one to make sure that XP cannot attempt to activate it. If it cannot be deleted, it is because it is considered to be active.

  ade.h 13:41 02 Mar 2006

Read this useful bit of advice click here

  andypinks 16:11 02 Mar 2006

Thanks, will try these tonight. I have a PC not a laptop, not too sure if that should make a difference or not.

Will let you know how i get on tomorrow....

  ade.h 17:48 02 Mar 2006

Not much, except in what kind of adapters you'll use. I would always use a PCI card in a desktop.

  andypinks 08:55 03 Mar 2006

Oh dear…when I try to remove the driver in the add/remove software section I get the following message;

InstallSheild has detected that ‘C;\windows\system32\AXCVE.exe is in use

Please close the application using this file and launch uninstallation again’

(there is nothing else open)

Following this path I cannot delete that .exe file as I am told that I can not delete the file as access is denied. Make sure that the disk is not full or write protected.


  keewaa 12:22 03 Mar 2006

Press control+alt+delete, look for axcve.exe in processes and end it, then try again.

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