Wireless connection problem

  Sparky3327 14:41 11 Jun 2005

I've just set up a wireless connection between my pc and my wife's laptop.
Everything's ok with my pc but the laptop has a problem.
My wife plugs into the internet at her work via GB dialler but cannot get onto the internet via my pc. I think there's a conflict but don't know how to resolve it. Each time she tries to open IE, it opens the GB Dialler box and tries to dial out.
The setup is 3Com and I've tried to keep the settings th same on both machines.
I've disabled the firewalls but am stuck now.
We're both on XP.

  Taff36 14:45 11 Jun 2005

Need a little more info. (I must admit I had GB Dialler on a machine and it was a porn dialler but maybe it`s also a legitimate service too)

How are you connected to the internet from your PC and who is the ISP? Is the laptop trying to access the internet via the PC?

  Sparky3327 15:04 11 Jun 2005

That GB Dialler may well be a red herring, as my wife says that when she plugs into the internet at work, no dialling is necessary, which makes me think that it's been put on surrepticiously.
So, I'm gonna remove that and see how it goes.
My ISP is Tiscali and my new modem is a 3Com OfficeConnect ADSL 11g firewall router.

  Taff36 15:10 11 Jun 2005

I have a nasty feeling about this one. Have a look at it`s properties first and don`t use a dial up modem until you have checked it out! Is this Deja Vu? click here

  Taff36 15:14 11 Jun 2005

click here

And if so your laptop is trying to access the internet via wireless router and not via your PC. (Sorry, nearly there with the questions, just panicked when I saw GBDialler)

  Sparky3327 15:26 11 Jun 2005

Thankfully that's not familiar, I've deleted GB Dialler, but if it re-appears I'll follow the steps to ditch it for ever.
That's definitely my baby, so you're absolutely right when you say it's trying to connect via the modem rather than my pc.
So, erm, what now?

  woodchip 15:45 11 Jun 2005

Just a min How Far is your Wife from your computer it will only connect to your computer over relertivly short distans. 200 to 300 yards. sorry no Spell cheker hear in Internet Cafe

  Sparky3327 15:47 11 Jun 2005

Whilst I'm setting it up, about 3 feet!

  dan11 16:03 11 Jun 2005

On the laptop, is there an WiFi icon, in the sys tray. If there is, right click it and pick view available networks. If that option is available.

You say it is a 3com system, what is the WiFi adapter in the laptop? Built in, dongle, pcmcia card?

  Sparky3327 16:13 11 Jun 2005

Right-clicked, 3Com only available network which is connected. The sys tray icon says Connected to 3Com with an excellent signal strength.
The Wi-Fi adaptor is a 3Com pcmcia card.
The laptop and modem are comunicating but just not letting me get access to the 'net.

  Sparky3327 16:28 11 Jun 2005

I've successfully managed to surf the net wirelessly, I just unticked the proxy server box in LAN settings in the connections bit of internet options.
Thanks for all your help and advice, especially with GB Dialler, Taff36

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