Wireless connection, but no internet access!!!

  DBDWarrior 15:18 30 Sep 2009

Alright so here's the deal I have windows vista service pack 2 as of the moment and have an at&t access point.

The computer i'm on now obviously has connection to the internet, however, is wired via ethernet.

Now my wireless laptop is what is having the problem. It's gained it's proper subnetting and ip addressing from our dhcp server and everything is correct. this laptop has full access to my router and says there is nothing wrong with the internet connection when i diagnose the errors. i "can" successfully ping both ip address and name of a website so it's probably not the DNS server.

however i tried to reset the tcp/ip stack and it says it was a total failure and it wouldnt work.

and all this started when i downloaded uTorrent and that stupid ask bar came up, so i reset my default homepage back to what it was and uninstalled the ask.com bar and it worked for a min, but now it's back. also there was no spyware/malware on my machine either. i did total scans with various software.

how on earth is it that i have wireless connection, everything being perfect, and i cannot access ANY website at all? at first i could and it was really slow, but now i can't. also this is happening on firefox as well and both browsers are accepted to be accessed through the firewall. please someone help me out idk what the hell to do and this has been messing with me really bad lately.

  Technotiger 15:49 30 Sep 2009

Just a bit of an off-chance, but have a look in IE at Tools>Internet Options>Connections and check that Never Dial a Connection, has not been changed.

  peter99co 15:56 30 Sep 2009

click here

Is it possible the solution could work for you?

  DBDWarrior 16:29 30 Sep 2009

no. still all crapped out. :(

  sunnystaines 16:52 30 Sep 2009

watching your thread,just cleaned a massive amount spyware of someones pc, now same problem its getting the signal ok but cannot get the web page to connect.

  The Kestrel 17:56 30 Sep 2009

Is this any help? click here

  sunnystaines 17:58 30 Sep 2009

a good link lots of options to try

  DBDWarrior 18:24 30 Sep 2009

figured it out. i went to microsoft.com and went into a chat room with an IT professional. we found out it was the background services. i went to "msconfig" in the start menu and disabled all startups and background tasks and then did divide and conquer until we found the solution.

  DBDWarrior 18:25 30 Sep 2009

and it turned out to be McAfee anti-virus background services.

  peter99co 22:09 30 Sep 2009

Good result!

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