Wireless connection with network key

  scarylee 20:46 06 Sep 2009

I am staying with my parents and have tried unsuccessfully to wirelessly connect to my mums computer by going into "connect to" finding my mums connection and tapping in the network key when prompted. However, this fails to connect. My brother successfully uses my mums connection, is there something I need to deactivate from my previous wireless connection? please help, I'm here for five weeks and cant cope without wireless!! thanks for reading...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:49 06 Sep 2009

Could be your firewall blocking the connection or is your mothers router using mac filtering to block out any machines other than hers and your brothers?

What sort of router is she using and ISP?

  Grey Goo 22:56 06 Sep 2009

Hi,If you double left click your little TV screen in the notification area then the same on properties, then single left on "wireless networks" then again on properties you should see the details of the encryption used. You may not be set to the correct type, e.g. WPA/PSK or whatever the router is set to. Even with the correct key connection will fail.

  scarylee 19:37 07 Sep 2009

My firewall is on yes and so is my mums. My mums router is SKY Broadband Netgear. Tried double clicking on little tv at bottom of screen but doesnt give me the option of properties. my encryption is set to WPA-PSK but not sure what my mums SKY encryption is set to. Any advice where to go now please?

  Grey Goo 19:51 07 Sep 2009

can you see what encryption your brother uses or get into the router and check that your settings match it.

  scarylee 00:25 08 Sep 2009

will check and get back with encryption detail. I'm not sure how to find this info though.

  Grey Goo 08:59 08 Sep 2009

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