Wireless connection for laptop

  Kozak 20:25 05 Feb 2006


I have recently bought a router so I can get a wireless connection for my laptop but I am a bit confused on what I need to do to get up and running. The manual says that I need to connect my modem to the router in order to get a connection, but I have an internal modem!! Also

Could someone point me in the right direction??

Hardware includes:

Linksys broadband router (Wireless G)

Internal 56K v.92 Capable Fax Modem

Intel® ProWireless 2200 802.11b/g Mini PCI Wireless LAN Card

  ade.h 22:27 05 Feb 2006

You need to take that back to the retailer ASAP. If you are a cable customer, you buy a router. If you are an ADSL broadband customer, you ditch your modem and buy a modem/router. Even if it's internal - as mine was - it's gotta go.

You later state "Linksys broadband router"; please clarify your exact model for us, because that contradicts your earlier statment that you bought just a router.

  ade.h 22:45 05 Feb 2006

I've read over your post a couple of times, and it's not ringing quite true;

1) Can you confirm that you are in fact on a cable or ADSL service, not dial-up?

2) Is the laptop that you briefly mentioned the only PC in the setup, or is there a desktop somewhere?

3) That Intel card; is that in the laptop? Laptops normally have hard-wired wifi chips as part of the Centrino setup. AMD laptops might rely on a card; I'm not certain about the AMD approach.

If you could clarify all of the above, I can figure out exactly what equipment you should have and what to do with it.

  Kozak 13:23 06 Feb 2006

thanks for replying, I didnt explain myself properly.

I have currently got a desktop computer with a speed touch ADSL modem.

I want to ditch the desktop altogether and use my ADSL broadband with my laptop (wireless).

The laptop has the intel card, so I presumed I could use this and the router (WRT54GS) with a ADSL filter to connect to the phone line to get a connection.

I have bought the laptop from Dell (Inspiron 9300) all the specs say is that I have a Intel® ProWireless 2200 802.11b/g Mini PCI Wireless LAN Card, doesnt say anything about being AMD?

As you can tell I am a novice at this, and I appreciate your help.

  ade.h 13:32 06 Feb 2006

Okay, that changes the picture considerably. I had an image of a wifi-enabled laptop, a standalone router and nothing else! Which would not be going anywhere!

I'm not familiar with the WRT54GS, but I will check it in a moment to find out definitively whether it is a modem/router or just a router.

The problem is this: if the manual tells you to plug your modem into the router, then it is a standalone router - not a modem/router. If you are on ADSL broadband, then you really have bought the wrong product!

Cable customers use their existing Ethernet modems with a router. ADSL customers have to ditch their USB or PCI ADSL modems for a modem/router. There are two kinds of ADSL modem; external USB and internal PCI. Your mention of an internal modem - without saying whether it was dial-up or ADSL - threw me.

The dial-up modem in the laptop has absolutely no part to play in this, so ignore it. In fact, you may as well disable it in Device Manager, but don't worry about that now.

  ade.h 13:41 06 Feb 2006

click here Is this it?

The problem here, as I see it, is Linksys's misleading practice of describing that product as a broadband router; technically it's actually specifically a cable broadband router, because you can't use an ADSL modem with a router. What you need is actually a modem/router, such as this click here which is my own choice. I picked this example for simplicity as much its quality, to save me trawling through different Linksys models. Linksys and Belkin are both very good brands on the whole.

  Kozak 13:54 06 Feb 2006

Thank you I will take the router back.

They did advise me that this router would work with an adsl connection.

Can you suggest any Modem/Routers I should get?

  ade.h 13:56 06 Feb 2006

"Can you suggest any Modem/Routers I should get?"


See my second link. I use it, so it must be pretty good!! ;-)

  ade.h 13:58 06 Feb 2006

And as for someone advising you that a standalone router will work with an ADSL modem; if they worked for me, they wouldn't last five minutes! It makes me glad that I don't work in retail.

It amazes me sometimes just how poorly trained staff can be.

  ade.h 14:03 06 Feb 2006

There's an interesting review on that Amazon page that I linked to.

"...great for connecting an ADSL Broadband connection, (still need the ADSL modem)..."

Which would make the uninitiated assume that it works with an ADSL modem, but then he says:

"...I have a Telewest broadband connection"

Which is a cable broadband service!! Which of course does work with this router.

  Kozak 14:13 06 Feb 2006

Brilliant, thanks I will get it exchanged.

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