Wireless Connection Idicator on Dell Laptop

  axelbrora 10:30 15 Jul 2010


I have a Dell Inspiron laptop and am looking for an indicator that tells me when the wireless connection is on or off.

I know how to switch it on or off but I never know the current status without trying to connect to something then if it fails selecting "diagnose" to get the message "wireless not switched on" or something similar.

When I press the wireless switch a indicator pops up on the desktop for a second or so telling me the switch has been activated but I do not know the current status on or off.

I know you can go into Control Panel/Network Sharing/Manage Wireless Settings/ etc. etc. but there must be another way to see at a glance if it is on or off. Any advice or tips would be appreciated.



  Sea Urchin 11:37 15 Jul 2010

Most Dell laptops have a selection of keyboard status lights - one of which will tell you when wireless networking is enabled. You haven't mentioned the model of your laptop - but this for example is the setup for the Dell Inspiron 6000

click here

  axelbrora 12:38 15 Jul 2010


Itis the Dell Inspiron 1545 and it does not have these lights.


  Sea Urchin 13:37 15 Jul 2010

You should have a wireless icon displayed in the notification area down by the clock. If it's not showing then enable it through your network settings via Control Panel.

  axelbrora 18:06 16 Jul 2010


Further investigation reveals that in Vista you cannot have two network icons, one for wired and one for wireless as you do in XP. One icon for all networks!

So back to square one. I have no idicator lights on my Dell Inspiron 1545 and there is no indication within Vista. Are there any third party software widgits can can resolve this?


  Ashrich 22:37 16 Jul 2010

How about installing the Dell Wireless Card Utility , it tells you whether the wireless card is enabled or not .


  Sea Urchin 23:55 16 Jul 2010

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