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  scuba steve 19:30 23 Aug 2006


Im getting a Wireless Cabel modem with WIFI PCI Card and need some Quick Notes.

Heres a quick Diagram i made to give a quick idea what im trying to achieve :

click here

Red Line - Cable
Blue line - Wireless waves

I want to Connect the main Computer down stairs to the one in my room but i want to be connected to 'Xbox live' without a wireless Adapter in the back of a 360 and im want to know if once ive connected wirelessly to the PC upstairs can i use a Ethernet Cable from the PC up stairs into my 360 Which is right besides my upstairs computer.

What Im trying to say is can i use my 'Already' Shared connection from the Source downstairs to the the one upstairs while using an ethernet cable to the xbox.

Also, I Have a a cable modem which is connected to the PC downstairs by USB and i really dont need the wireless part for downstairs. Can i just connect the USB into the PC from the modem and put the ethernet cable for the wireless Router to the Cable and connect it to the back of my PC?

Most likely sounds like a novice question to you but im very curious.

Any help will be gratefully recieved.



Its hard to explain what i mean but i hope it covers it.

  Strawballs 19:37 23 Aug 2006

1 Your wireless connection will be direct from the router not the machine connected by wire.

2 You will be far better off and easier to achieve if the other 2 machines were both wirelessly connected. the X Box has usb and you should be able to use wireless USB adapter.

  mgmcc 20:00 23 Aug 2006

<<< You will be far better off and easier to achieve if the other 2 machines were both wirelessly connected. the X Box has usb and you should be able to use wireless USB adapter. >>>

Just be aware that, when connecting multiple computers wirelessly, the 54Mbps bandwidth of 802.11g (which in practice will be nearer 30Mbps) is *SHARED* between them, they don't each have the full bandwidth. Of course this is only significant when they are actively using the wireless connection.

  scuba steve 20:34 23 Aug 2006

hmm, the xbox Adapater is Expensive.

How about this?

click here

using the ethernet cable of the xbox 360 to be conntected to the downstairs wireless Router which will be connected to broadband?

used for Input rather then Out put?

  Strawballs 00:33 24 Aug 2006

That configuration will work fine.

  scuba steve 18:09 24 Aug 2006

Finally, Some good news!

Just one more quick Question

Is it possible to Connect 2 Ethernet PCI Cards to One computer and use one that is connected to the downstairs computer which will be used as a shared internet and the 2nd one to be connected to the xbox 360 besides my PC?

  Strawballs 18:49 24 Aug 2006

I think I understand what you meen you want to use the machine that is next to the X-Box as a gateway? should work if you set up ICS on the computer.

  scuba steve 22:58 24 Aug 2006

Yes but first I Want to setup a Internet connection for the UPSTAIRS PC by SHARING the Internet connection from the main Computer DOWNSTAIRS by PCI Cards.
I Know i can do this but i want to know if once establised, can i then connect the Xbox up with the UPSTAIRS Computer that i am sharing internet acces with downstairs?
Thus, Wondering if i can connect 2 PCI Ethernet Cards in One Computer (The Upstairs One).

there, Ive Re-worded so it makes more sense!

Thankyou all for your time and hopefully this will be my last entry in this topic!

Scuba Steve

  scuba steve 23:00 24 Aug 2006

I thought i may add that im using Wired ethernet Cabels to conect everything up.

  scuba steve 15:32 25 Aug 2006


  mgmcc 16:28 25 Aug 2006

If you have Shared the downstairs PC's internet connection and have an ethernet cable going upstairs to connect to a "client" PC, you cannot "share" that connection again. What you need to do is install a "Network Switch" upstairs at the end of the ethernet cable and plug your "client" devices into that. They will all then get their IP addresses and internet access directly from the downstairs PC.

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