Wireless connection fault

  Angie_Lewis 19:14 01 Nov 2007

I am computer illiterate so please answer in a language I can understand. I have had wireless ok for last 18 months and three weeks ago it just suddenly stopped working. I can connect laptop to internet using cable but not wirelessly. Have spoken to router manufacturer and nothing seems wrong with router, got another one though just in case but that cannot be detected either. Please can someone help me?

  rossgolf 19:22 01 Nov 2007

it couuld be the inbuilt receiver....if you go to somewhere like pc world or the local computer shop they should be able to check that by using an external reciver and seeing if that piks it up

  Angie_Lewis 19:25 01 Nov 2007

Thanks for quick response, but I forgot to put in previous post, I have two laptops here I work on and neither of them can detect a wireless network so I dont think that the problem is with the laptop.

  Angie_Lewis 19:27 01 Nov 2007

Thanks for quick response. I forgot to mention that I have two laptops here that I work on and neither of them can detect a wireless network so guess the fault is not with the laptops.

  Pineman100 19:29 01 Nov 2007

As you can connect to the internet via a cable, this seems to suggest that the router modem is functioning OK. So you need to check your wireless network.

Starting with the simplest idea (and sorry if this is a stupid question), is your computer's Wi-Fi button switched on?

If it is, then check your wireless network as follows. Right-click on the little screen icon in your System Tray (bottom right-hand corner of your screen). A little menu will appear. Click on Status, and then in the next window click the General tab. You'll be able to see whether your wireless network is connected or not.

If it's not, click the Support tab, then click the button marked Repair.

The above suggestions apply to XP. I'm not sure if Vista is the same.

  Pineman100 19:40 01 Nov 2007

Angie - I was typing during your second post, which puts a different complexion on the problem. However, it's still worth trying my suggestion to see what happens.

If neither of the laptops can establish a connection to the router, it may be that its wireless function has somehow got switched off.

Do you have your router's IP address? It's probably something like Type it into your internet browser's address panel like this: click here then hit Enter. You should then see your router's management console.

Look for a button marked Wireless Settings (or similar). Click it, and you should then see a page that allows wireless networking to be selected on or off. Select on, followed by Apply, then close everything and try your network again.

Note that - depending on its make - your router's exact wording may be different from mine above. But I hope you get the general idea.

  Angie_Lewis 19:58 01 Nov 2007

Hi, thanks for all that, the wi fi is switched on and i tried the other bits you suggested, still no wireless network found i'm afraid.

  Pineman100 13:40 04 Nov 2007

You've definitely looked at our router's management console? (You'll obviously need a cable connection to do this).

  mikesuther 13:49 05 Nov 2007

When you switch on your laptop and you are up and runnig,an icon that looks like a tv with two smiles to the right should be visible near to the clock. If it is visible run the cursor over and it should say something like Wireless network connection (Belkin54G)then mention the speed of the connection. If this icon has a cross over it or it is not visible it would suggest that wireless has been disabled. Either due to power interuption or a hack, more likely power faliure. If icon is crossed out double click the icon and it will bring you to wireless connection status, here goto the view wireless networks this will then display networks in your area. If you see your network and it says disconected then click connect then, when asked type in the security password and redo this. Once that has been done you should be up and running, if not can you give details of the router that you have been using. it is very unlikely to be a router fault and definitely not your laptop as you have two wireless laptops. i hope this helps, regards Mike

  Ashrich 21:59 05 Nov 2007

Pineman100/mikesuther , what makes you think Angie_Lewis is running a Belkin router ?

Angie_Lewis , lets get this right , you have tried two wireless routers and neither laptop can " see " them when scanning for wireless networks , is that right ? What make and model/s are the wireless routers ?


  Angie_Lewis 06:20 06 Nov 2007

That's right, neither laptop can detect the wireless network. The router is a Linksys WAG5GS. I have tried all the suggestions above that people have offered and still no luck I'm afraid.

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