Wireless connection fails

  son of elvis 22:16 21 Oct 2004

My son's new samsung Laptop has a Wireless connection but we cannot get it to work. I bought a Netgear DG834 ADSL Firewall Router which my own PC is plugged into and connects to WWW via Wanadoo broadband. Laptop connects to internet as well via LAN cable but the wireless connection won't work. After a week we are pulling hair out....HELP. PLease.

  pmjd 23:06 21 Oct 2004

Are you using the DG834 or DG834G? It's just that the DG834 doesn't have wireless.

Anyway possible typos aside...In the wireless settings in the router is the wireless function turned on? (I know it's a bit obvious but you'd be surprised how many people, myself included, get tripped up by things like that!) are the security settings turned on? If the security settings areon then turn them off until you get the connection up and running set them up after, settings like trusted PC's only or WEP/WPA settings should be unticked.

Give the access point on your router a SSID name and make sure it's ticked to broadcast. On your Son's laptop make sure the wireless is turned on and try searching for the SSID name. If you have XP SP2 installed it has a useful wizard to help with this.

If you are still having no joy is there anyone else with a wireless connection that you could use to check both the router and your Son's laptop are functioning correctly?

That's all the advice I have for now as I have to go. Hope it helps.


  son of elvis 08:56 22 Oct 2004

thanks for this. it looks like the goon in pc world sold me the wrong router.

  pmjd 15:41 22 Oct 2004

Any chance you can get it swapped at PC World? Since you were wrongly sold it by one of their staff. The DG834G is slightly more expensive so they would probably be quite happy if you are spending more money.

If not you can easily add in a wireless access point to the router if you need it.


  son of elvis 19:59 22 Oct 2004

thanks well exchange it over the weekend if we still get problems well let you know.

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