nerawan 21:12 18 Jul 2006

I posted this question 2 days ago but dessaf....didn't get a correct answer.

I had to reinstalled Win XP in a laptop. After that all reelated to the Wireless Connection doissapeared. From Control panel/ network connection to the icon in the taskbar.

Any idea how to get this back?

  ade.h 21:18 18 Jul 2006

I've just been through the latest two pages of Networking and I can't see your thread, which might explain the lack of a decent answer, no? ;-)

Steps to check:

1) Enter Device Manager and look for your wireless LAN adapter. Is it installed properly? Is it reported as functioning?

2) If that's okay, look in Services (run services.msc) and look for the status of network-related services such as SSDP, Plug-n-Play, NLA, etc.

  nerawan 21:41 18 Jul 2006

I have been in Device Manager and don't see any Wireless adapter. The only thing related is Network adapetr and ubder that Ethernet adapter ,wich is not the wireless.

  ade.h 21:57 18 Jul 2006

Well, it won't necessarily be described as "wireless"; you need to look for your adpter's name and/or model number, such as "Intel Pro2200BG" or whatever it may be.

If it absolutely isn't there, then run your laptop's driver CD and install it from there.

  nerawan 12:58 24 Jul 2006

Sorry, I was away. Are you around?.

In Device Manager for NETWORK ADAPTERS ,I found this 2 options, wich I think has nothing to do with wireless: -1394 Net adapter
-Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI
Fast Ethernet NIC'
Both of them work fine.

But there is a ? for Other devices:
-Modem Device on Audio
-Network controller
-Video controller

  ade.h 13:12 24 Jul 2006

Just happens that I have lust logged in (wouldn't want you to think that I spend ALL day around here!)

The question mark is the clue; it is unable to install the network adapter in question. Now whether that means that the device has failed, or whether something caused an error - such as a corrupted hardware hive or similar - I don't know. There may be no easy way to tell.

You'll have to try to reinstall the device, which you can do from Device Manager, and see if it works. You can scan for changes from the toobar icon, or you can click on the entry for "network controller" and try to install it or change the driver.

Be prepared for the possibility that either the device is dead or to reinstall it may require its removal; either way, it would be off to a laptop repair centre.

  ade.h 13:13 24 Jul 2006

Whoops! lust should read just. Ahem.

  nerawan 15:47 24 Jul 2006

I am back. Thanks for the comments. This is only a 2 months laptop (fujitsu). It belongs to a friend but didn't buy extra warranty. Possibly it's still covered by the basic warranty.

Another problem with this laptop is the kind of PMCIA card. A normal one doesn't fit there, so I can't put mine and reinstall the wireless driver that comes with it.

  ade.h 15:59 24 Jul 2006

I wouldn't worry about the manufacturer's warranty; that is just a supplement to your legal rights. If it proves to be faulty, then it is up to the retailer to deal with it. At two months old, it is well within the period in which the fault - if there is one (and it seems that there is) - is deemed to have been present at the time of sale.

  spikeychris 16:50 24 Jul 2006

an express card.

click here

  ade.h 19:14 24 Jul 2006

I'll stick to PCMCIA - it (possibly) stands for People Can't Memorise Computing Industry Acronyms!

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